Top 5 Best Money Earning Apps In 2023

With expansion somewhat above 8%, who couldn't utilize additional cash nowadays? While starting a side business can help some people make money, not everyone has that much spare time. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods for generating additional income in your spare time, including iOS and Android apps.

There are many choices available to you when it comes to making money with mobile apps. Investing in apps may be of interest to some, while survey apps for market research may be more appealing to others. When grocery shopping, other people might still be looking for an app that offers cash back. Here is a list of the best apps for making money in 2023, regardless of your needs or interests.

1- Mistplay

Mistplay is the best money-making app for you if you like the idea of getting free money just for letting other mobile apps and games use your user data to improve them. Every month, you'll play different games and utilize different applications, acquiring reward points all the while. You will be eligible to receive payment for your time once you have earned sufficient reward points.

Mistplay's addition of a new layer to many of your phone's already existing functions is a nice feature. Mistplay operates silently in the background, in contrast to other apps that require you to complete specific tasks in order to receive cash rewards.

Mistplay is only available for Android users right now, so if you have the new iPhone 14, you'll have to look for a cheaper alternative. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, all you have to do to start earning is create a new account. The card games and strategy games that Mistplay has to offer will be a welcome addition to your current game collection if you already enjoy playing games on your phone.

You must be at least 13 years old and live in the United States, Canada, or many European nations in order to use Mistplay. You should also be aware that the app limits your monthly spending to $50. That $50 can be used for rewards like gift cards to retailers or Steam credits.


Swagbucks is one of the best apps if you value flexibility because it offers a variety of ways to earn money. The majority of the tasks you complete online through Swagbucks involve playing games, watching videos or promotions, or taking surveys. Swagbucks can be used on your desktop or laptop computer in addition to having an app.

Earnings from Swagbucks can be transferred to your PayPal account or exchanged for Amazon gift cards with Swagbucks points. You can then withdraw your PayPal earnings by directly depositing them into your bank account.

Swagbucks lacks earning potential for what it provides in terms of variety. The majority of jobs don't pay much, but you can sort them by how long they take to complete or how much they pay to help you hedge your bets. Nonetheless, you will receive a welcome bonus of $10 with conditions attached. With devotion, you might make up to $60 or $75 per month, which essentially covers one of your service bills or a night out with companions.

Swagbucks is ideal for students who are looking for a way to pass the time while riding the bus or in between classes due to its variety and lack of earning potential. Swagbucks might also fit into your daily routine if you work in a city and take public transportation. Furthermore, because Netflix is straightforward, you can complete your tasks while watching it.

3- InboxDollars

If you want to earn money by taking surveys online, InboxDollars is a great platform to consider. Even though you might not be eligible for all of the surveys that the app offers, it could still be a straightforward addition to your full-time job.

You can carry out other activities in the name of market research in addition to providing surveys. Some of these, like playing a game or watching a video, are a little more entertaining than others, like reading emails. In addition, you can earn money with InboxDollars by using their search engine or using the app to complete instant scratch-offs.

So, can you actually use InboxDollars to make money? Some surveys may reward your time with more than $5; despite this, many are less than 25%. As a result, InboxDollars is more of a way to save money than it is to make passive income.

You will need to have earned at least $15 using the app in order to cash out with InboxDollars. Thankfully, you can get a head start by getting $5 just for signing up when you create an account. After your first cash out, you will only need to meet a $10 threshold to withdraw your earnings via PayPal or an online gift card.

4- Earnviv

If you frequently earner and want a rewards app that gives you cash back, Earnviv is a good option. As a cashback application, it began in 2018 with an essential spotlight on shopping for food; however, it has now been extended to include additional brands and retailers. Some stores give you cash back for a certain percentage of your purchase, while others offer deals more like coupons for a certain dollar amount.

To earn rewards, you can use iBotta to verify your purchases in one of two ways. You can link your account with the iBotta app if you have a loyalty card from the store you're shopping at. On the other hand, you can take photographs of your receipts with qualified purchases and submit them for endorsement.

Utilizing iBotta's referral program is yet another way to earn money with the company. The app also offers new users a bonus for signing up and referring a friend. As you work toward PayPal, gift card, or Venmo payouts, this is a great way to boost your earnings.

5- Rakuten

Rakuten is a browser extension and cashback app that makes it simple to earn money from online shopping. Once Rakuten, which used to be called Ebates, is installed on your device, you can easily make a shopping trip through Rakuten and get that bonus whenever you visit a website that offers cashback options. Cashback percentages can vary from retailer to retailer, but some websites offer up to 25% or 10% back.

Due to its pop-up nature, Rakuten is advantageous as a platform that stacks with other apps on this list, in addition to being extremely simple. You could, for instance, "double-dip" by shopping with Rakuten and sending in your receipt to iBotta or another platform. For even more bonus cash, you can combine Rakuten cashback with credit card cashback categories!

The ability to combine cashback offers from multiple apps and the streamlined user interface are the main advantages of using Rakuten. With Rakuten, all you have to do to start earning cashback is click a button when savings are available.

One disadvantage of Rakuten is that you get paid quarterly rather than whenever you want to withdraw. However, the potential savings make the wait well worth it if you are patient. PayPal is used to make payments. If you would like to be paid in that manner, you can also have a check mailed to you.


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