Top 5 earned money online with smartphones without investments 2021

In today's era, everyone has a smartphone, and everyone uses the internet. But do you know that we can get money through the internet also? If you read this post carefully, you can quickly get money to make money online at home. There are many ways to earn income at home money online. Some pay and some don't. Here we will go over the top 5 ways to make money online without investment, so today, we will learn how to get money from the internet.


5 Top Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment:-

 There are many ways to earn money from the internet online. But here you have presented information for money without spending. The way you like can make money this way. But here is the info about money income without investment.  


1. Online Surveys:-

Online surveys are one way where we can get money with ads or ready-made surveys. An online survey means that you will be asked a few questions. You have to answer, and your answer must be correct and reasonable. Many companies want to get feedback from people, so it pays you money in the form of a survey online, gives you the proper feedback. All websites will see you if you are looking for it on Google, but we cannot trust them as they can also be a fraud, but you will notify applications that you have created yourself, and as we know on all google products, Yes, we can easily believe.


This is an android app that Google builds, and this app gives you money to participate in online surveys. Just install this application, and after opening the application that will see the study in front of you. If you get money according to the study, then you complete the survey. Only 1-2 minutes will survey.


This is also a Google product. The only difference is that you have to participate in an extensive survey, which can be up to 30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours. But you will get a good gift. $ 50, $ 75, Gift Card means $ 100, so you will get an award. You must open Google Use research from the link below. And you are indicating participation in the survey. 


2. PTC Sites:-

PTC means by clicking making money in which you should get cash by looking at advertising. From here, you will not be too much, but you will reach a certain extent. Not only advertising on the site, but you can get money by playing many tasks or games. PTC is a rule on a website that you can use only one account on a device; if you open another account, both versions can be blocked.


If you get money, then you can do Paypal or through Piza. But each website has a different withdraw. These are some excellent PTC websites that you can maintain your belief. You can earn money by going to these websites.


3. Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is also a way to get money. Where you can earn money by selling someone's product. Like Flipkart, Affiliate Marketing Programs in Amazon are included. Where you have to register, and you have to sell your products through social media. You will be given a link to the product. The link will buy any product. So you will get commissioned according to it if you have a website or blog. So, it will be very easy for affiliate marketing. You can sell products from the website or take the help of your blog.


Many people are still earning millions of rupees from affiliate marketing. Suppose you want to get good money from affiliate marketing. First, you have to seek a website and where the new affiliate marketing plan begins, and their commission rate is also reasonable. After that, you have to create an account; you must signup to create an account. Then, after signing up, you can send a product link to your friends on social media related to the offering product. And the more you have to send a link to products on social media. If you have a blog. Then after adding the link to the product, write information about that product. So in this way, you can get money from affiliate marketing.



Without investment, online money is the work of Youtube. YouTube is the world's largest video platform. If there is someone after Google, then it is YouTube. When seen, we can get money by making a channel on YouTube. But it's not easy. To earn money from YouTube, you should have skills or some knowledge. Because YouTube, you can get money by uploading your video. If your video is good content, people want to see it, and you will earn money according to the people.


5. Freelancing:-

When you work in the company, the company gives you every monthly salary according to your work. Freelancing means what you can do for the company. You have to sit at home but remember that you have some skills where you are an excellent expert example - Web Design, Graphic Design or No Creative Work There are many people trying freelancers. I will inform some websites in such a way where you can work by creating your profile. There are many people to do a lot of work on this website that we have to do, and these people meet people who have the skills to work.


If you see money, so you will get so much money as much as you have thought. Just come to work immediately. You may need more time to get the first order. But once you start getting the order. So it is enough to understand that you will earn a lot of money. Because I have told the website. So you are given the money for each of their work. Below I tell you some freelance websites.

So friends today, we see in many ways that we can earn money online without investment. Hopefully, you like this post. If you have to ask questions about this post or tell your experience, you can comment. Thank you 


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