Top 5 most powerful guns in free fire

#1 M1887 Shotgun:


The M1887 is one of the deadliest weapons in the game with maximum hit damage of 100. The gun is easy to spot and has a magazine capacity of 2 bullets. Players are advised to use the weapon only in close combat as it is not of much use in mid-range and long-range gunfights.


#2 AWM Sniper Rifle:


The second weapon on the list is the fiercest sniper rifle of the game, which is the AWM. It comes with average hit damage of 90. The weapon also comes pre-equipped with an 8x scope. So, players don't have to worry about finding an 8x scope for long-range combat. A player can acquire the AWM by looting airdrops or by killing enemy players who already have the weapon. 


#3 M79 Grenade Launcher:


Free Fire also features a grenade launcher in the game for players to use. The launcher deals a hefty amount of damage with a base damage of 90. It lacks range and fire rate but has one of the best accuracies for a weapon in the game. 


#4 M60 Light Machine Gun:


The M60 is a light machine gun in Free Fire and has a maximum capacity of 60 bullets per round. The weapon deals average hit damage of 56, which is significant considering its impressive fire rate. It is most suitable for close-combat and mid-range gunfights.


#5 Groza:


The Groza is the best assault rifle in Free Fire and is one of the most sought after weapons. It has a base damage of 61 and offers a sturdy rate of fire. The weapon also provides significant stability and accuracy, making it a suitable weapon for mid-range as well as long-range battles in Free Fire. 


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