Top 5 motivational song that deserves more recognition.

1. Today my life begins by: Bruno Mars


This song want to tell us that we are in the present so, we should stop thinking about the past. We have to move on, to move forward. 

Forget the past but don't forget the lesson you had learn from it.


2. Last Hope by: Paramore


Let us all face the reality and make it better. That is what the song want to tell us. Only us can make our life better! Only you can change it and make it best version. You only live once so don't live a life that is full of regrets.


3. One More Light by: Linkin Park


We all know how sad it is when one day you look up to the sky and there is no more star that gives light to our darkest night. We weill only notice that there are no star when all of them are gone


What about the ones that gone earlier than the other? Will you notice them?


That's the song all about, it say that who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million star, well i do. For me it's God whose talking to us using the voice of Chester Bennington. He cares for us, for u. Don't stop the time of your life. 


If you ever feel alone always remember that God is there for you.


4. This is me


This song is one of the theme song in my favorite movie ' The Greatest Showman' it is a great movie! 


This song teach me that I'm beautiful and someone will love me for who i am. You don't have to be someone else to be love, you just have to be you.


5. Rise up by : Andra day


We all have time to shine or to rise up. Maybe this time is not your time but when your time to shine comes everyone will look up at you


Be patient and do your best! All ways remember that you are loved and Worth it.


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