Top 5 reasons to love yourself

Self-love is a feeling that everyone should have, but many people simply shy away from it, confusing it with selfishness. People think that if they think they are smart, beautiful, and capable, they have inflated self-esteem. What is true self-love and why it is necessary, says Svetlana Ryabova, social work specialist at the Pechatniki Family Center.


What a healthy love of self consists of:


Self-acceptance - awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, acceptance of positive and negative emotions, feelings and needs.


Self support skills - caring and health skills, hygiene skills, stress coping skills, skills to work through negative emotions. Knowing what brings joy and pleasure, incorporating at least one event that brings joy into the plan for each day.

Personal boundaries - awareness of what behavior is unacceptable to you, having personal space and time, awareness and acceptance of responsibility.

Self-respect-a sense of dignity, the desire for achievement, the joy of victory, the ability to choose the best.

Investment in his development and leisure - a person who loves himself, seeks self-development, as well as a fulfilling and interesting leisure, he has hobbies and hobbies.

Communication with positive people, building healthy relationships, respectful attitude to the features of other people and their shortcomings, the opportunity to give their warmth and care to loved ones.

Providing an adequate standard of living, the desire for professional and career growth.

Free self-expression - no fear of speeches, the ability to express their point of view, proactive behavior.

"Healthy self-love finds expression on all levels of life. It includes taking care of the health of the body, the soul, relationships with family and friends, material well-being, and that work brings joy. This care for the development of his personality, having interests and hobbies," - says Svetlana.


Reasons to love yourself


So, for those who still doubts that there must be love for yourself and that it is normal, we present the top five reasons to love yourself.


Self-love will get rid of comparisons with others. When a person loves himself, he is confident in himself and evaluates himself sensibly. In this case, it makes no sense to compare yourself with others, because you know yourself what you need to work on.

Loving yourself gives you confidence in yourself. People who love themselves have a better chance of getting a better job, promotion and more friends and admirers. And that's one of the crucial reasons to love yourself.

You will gain peace of mind and avoid self-injury. Self-beating, regret and feelings of shame and guilt are the worst things a person can experience. Loving yourself means being less anxious and depressed and less prone to stress and self-destructive behaviors like alcoholism or drug addiction.

You become more attractive. You can focus on your strengths instead of worrying about your weaknesses and imperfections.

When you love yourself, the world around you changes. When we fall in love, everything around us becomes more beautiful and attractive. It allows us to look at things, people and life from a different perspective, a better perspective, to see new possibilities, to communicate in a positive way.

"Flies and cutlets."


To consolidate the success of offer to perform one simple exercise: "Flies and cutlets.


In front of you two columns. In the left column, write 30 adjectives or nouns, phrases that describe you. In the right column, write down briefly the facts - how this is backed up in practice.


This will help separate the "flies" from the "cutlets" - your ideas about yourself from the real qualities. Because, unfortunately, many people think of themselves not at all what they are objectively. Most do not notice their strengths. It is important to discuss the results of the exercise with a psychologist, who can help you realize your strengths and give feedback on the further development of the skill of healthy self-love.


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