Top 5 south Indian delishes foods

South Indian cuisine is distinctly different from North Indian or Central Indian cuisine. This can be attributed to the difference in ingredients and cooking methods used by South Indians, compared to those used in the other parts of India. The five top foods which you should know about if you’re a true foodie!

South Indian food is commonly called as the ‘tiffin’ or ‘lunch snack’ in India. It includes a number of traditional dishes eaten throughout India and at least from south to north. Many of these southern cuisines use coconut as a common ingredient which makes them very popular with kids because of their health benefits and taste. These south Indian recipes are very simple to make and can be prepared by everyone including, kids too.

As South Indians we love to eat. The most popular dishes from the South of India are the Idli, Dosa and Vennu Parotta.... You name it and you will find a variation of that on our menu.

The south Indian cuisine is a great blend of old and new. They use the traditional spices and ingredients that has been used for centuries and some others like seasonings, flavours, colours and taste.

List of south Indian delishes foods..!

(1) . Chicken Chettinad.

(2) . Andhra Style Chicken Curry.

(3) . Masala Dosa.

(4) . Meen Murringakka Curry.

(5) . Chicken Stew with Appams.

(6) . Hyderabadi Biryani.

There are the top delishes foods in south Indian. 

* South Indian food is unique to the region, consisting of cuisine and preparations that are full of flavor, spices and aromatic goodness. At a glance, it sounds exotic and exotic but dig a bit deeper and you will find South Indian cuisine is not only tasty, but it's full of authentic flavors.

The south Indian cuisine can be described in one word: spicy. But we make it our business to serve you dishes that look and taste so much better than pure heat! South Indian food has many kinds of flavors, from rich spices to fragrant coconut milk to sweet tamarinds and tangy yogurt curds.

Make South Indian food a part of your life with these 5 mouth-watering south Indian dishes. Discover how to make south Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, including dosas and idli, thosai and thakkali vada, rice in various forms and kootu (plantain flatbread).

South Indian food is said to be the best in all of India. The people of south India have a passion for food, which makes them the top foodies in India. Their cuisine has evolved over the years and now enjoys a global recognition.

 This article is part of the South Indian blog series, which focuses on all-time favorite items from Southern India, including recipes for makai kaapi, tomato chutney, avocado salad and even kachumber salad.

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These are the top dishes in south India 


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