Top 5: The best PC games in 2021


Release Date: January 18, 2021

A beautiful and gameplay-accessible arcade space game for a wide audience. In keeping with the trends of today's game industry, this game is in early access, but is quickly growing in content and is currently quite playable.

Those who are not familiar with the English language at a good level, we advise to wait with the purchase of the game before its release from early access - promised Russian localization on release. According to the developers, Everspace 2 will be released from early access in 2022.

Unlike the first part, this game is no longer a roguelike, but a full-fledged space action role-playing game with progression. You can't get through the game without changing your ship's gear and ignoring the pogrindit requirements.

On Steam Everspace 2 has a lot of positive reviews and a fairly high rating. The game has already managed to get several awards and nominations in the gaming industry, so it is safe to recommend it for reviewing.


Release Date: January 20, 2021

An interesting stealth shooter with modern graphics that continues the story of a professional assassin codenamed "Agent 47".

After the relaunch of the Hitman franchise, game creator IO Interactive demonstrates a development model that resembles working on television series with their breakdown by seasons and a single storyline. The first season was released in 2016, the second in 2018 and the last in 2021.
In terms of gameplay, the novelty is unlikely to surprise something fundamentally new, but its appeal is by no means that. Hitman games give players many options for fulfilling kill contracts and different levels of difficulty, which provides a high degree of replayability and allows for transferring game progress from one "season" to another (as long as the player has all three seasons). All of this gives the impression of one big game with a claim to cinematics and further fuels interest in completing the game.
From season to season the overall level of graphic performance is growing, and the developer is not shy to improve the graphics in previous projects, to ensure the unity of perception of the events from 1 to 3 parts.

The three season project represents the most top-notch stealth action game in the gaming industry. Over the years, the developers have polished the gameplay and continue to improve its individual elements in each new release.


Release Date: January 28, 2021

PC gaming in 2021 has been graced with the release of a psychological horror action game from the developers of Blair Witch and Layers of Fear.

Defining the genre of The Medium as a psychological horror, you should put the word "psychological" in big letters and the word "horror" in small ones. From the first minutes of the game, it becomes clear that the developers' goal was to tell players an interesting story, not to scare them properly. The dead people wear neutral masks on their faces, which rather evoke a feeling of sadness and do not inspire fear at all. There are no battles in the game at all.
The developers' focus on storytelling and puzzles leads to the game showing an intriguing story about a girl named Marianne. She is a medium, able to communicate with the souls of dead people and see the world of the dead. The atmosphere, puzzles, and fixed camera angles demonstrate that Bloober Team has a clear vision of the project as a questing adventure.
The location and behavior of the cameras is done in such a way that the player throughout the game does not leave the feeling that he is being watched. The developers skillfully maintain the atmosphere of creepiness, which makes the passage of the game exciting and further maintains the player's interest in what is happening.


Release Date: February 2, 2021

Valheim is not a systemic case of a small team of a few indie developers achieving major early access success. Valheim became a cult game in no time after its release and gained widespread popularity around the world with zero marketing from the creators - players and streamers themselves popularized the project by telling and showing it to each other.
The phenomenal success of Valheim is a combination of different factors:

    The Viking setting and Scandinavian mythology are popular with a wide audience of gamers;
    gameplay takes place in an open world with strong survival elements, the ability to build, extract resources and engage in various kinds of crafting;
    the game has multiplayer;
    despite the early access, the game world is full of content;
    gamers have access to a wide variety of activities, and the gameplay is conceptually reminiscent of Terraria and Meincraft in 3D space;
    the computer world of Valheim looks relatively modern despite the small team of developers.

All of the above factors are the reason why Valheim has made the list of the best PC games of 2021.


Release Date: May 7, 2021

This project was knowingly one of the best games of 2021. The eighth installment of the famous Capcom-led franchise continues the story of the life troubles of an American named Ethan Winters, who, despite his apparent mediocrity, shows miracles of survival in the most hostile environments. 
This time, the action moves to Eastern Europe, where Ethan and his wife try to start a new life. However, this idyll quickly comes to an end, and the plot throws the hero into a remote village in the middle of the mountains of Transylvania.
The game features a high level of graphics and an interesting story with a high degree of craziness, typical of computer games from Japanese developers. The project actively uses successful developments and mechanics from past parts of the franchise, as well as bringing new elements to the gameplay.

All in all, RE 8: Village deservedly has the status of AAA game and is unequivocally recommended for review.  


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