Top 5 things that drain a woman's energy

Clutter in the house One of the most exhausting things in the world for a woman is a mess at home or at work. Do you think that a normal woman scolds her husband for the scattering of things around the house, because she has nothing else to do? Not at all! The thing is that in us it is evolutionary inherent to mark the position of things in space and be extremely attentive to it. All the scattered pants, ĸ books, bathing suits, towels constantly clog up her energy. She is slow in this situation and constantly freezes, like a computer that needs to be rebooted. Every thing "out of place" that has come into ee field of vision is a program open in a separate oĸan. Over time, if the mess accumulates, a woman begins to experience constant stress. The strength leaves her. You just want to sit down in the middle of it all and cry.

Bad Sleep Women, unlike men, sleep much more sensitively. A man can sniff softly, despite the fact that the alarm clock is ringing nearby. A woman jumps up at every rustle, listening - what is there with the children? In severe cases, even a few times during the night goes to cover the baby spread with a blanket. A woman reacts to a faint scribble in the phone, sent in the night of the sms. That is why most women constantly, regularly experience a terrible lack of sleep! For a woman to function normally, she needs at least once in a while really sleep. Truly - this is ĸo when you have nothing to distract you. Neither your husband's requests to find a roulette wheel, nor the trill of the telephone, nor the crying meow of the cat at 4am, nor the news that the child needs a special cap for the lesson today - nothing. I'm in favor of at least once a week to give my mother a complete relaxation. Complete. And if nothing comes out, then you need to leave all these noisy irritants at home and go away from them in a sanatorium for a couple of days. Let them think about their behavior.

Gossips A woman is a terribly emotional creature. She can go through more emotions in one conversation with a friend than another man in the midst of hostilities. Our emotions are so strong, uncontrollable and fluid that they can wear us out, exhaust us even when we are on vacation and doing nothing at all. In the same case, when emotions are also amplified by a close person (mother, girlfriend) - generally ĸaraul shout. So - it's business as usual, and leisure as usual. A woman who does not limit herself to female chatter is a worn-out, exhausted and exhausted woman. The same is true of social media! I'm not saying to stop communicating with girlfriends at all. But it should only happen after the main business.

Bad sex

Well, like bad. Inarticulate. Fast. The woman herself may not think of it as bad. And a man taĸ and even proud of his abilities as a lover. But let's face it, any sex that does not satiate a woman with vivid orgasm and emotion can be considered bad. It's not even a session at all, but some kind of exhausting physical exercise.


The most basic scourge of all women on the planet, starting with Eve, is guilt. Have you ever wondered why Eve was the one who plucked the damn apple? Precisely because it's easier to blame everything on a woman, if anything! Have you ever noticed how men and women react to different accusations? Men protest, curse, threaten to leave if they don't like it. Women immediately admit their guilt, think, ĸaĸaĸ make it up, how to fix their perceived inadequacies. Most of the manipulations that happen to women are manipulations based on destructive guilt.

If you are a woman, you are bound to be bad for someone. Old, fat, overly fond of children, or, on the contrary, a woman of easy virtue. Little care for herself, or on the contrary, selfish. You just have to put up with it. Set clear goals, and do not try to be good for everyone. But people who try to make you feel guilty on the spot should be cut out of your life. You have more energy right away.


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