Top 5 Tips to Learn to Shoot the AK-47 in CS:GO

Top 5 tips to learn how to shoot with AK-47 in CS:GO


Hello all, dear readers of our article. Today we will continue our series of tutorial tops on CS:GO. If you missed our last compilation, you can read about the main mistakes made by low ranked players. In this article, we'll share five tips that will help you learn how to properly shoot an AK-47.


Shooting patterns in CS:GO


Each weapon has its own firing pattern - a certain pattern that determines the bullets' spread during clips. Simply put, every weapon has a different recoil, so you need to pay attention to this and adjust to the shooting. 


Single headshots used to be very important in CS:GO, but Valve has gradually nerfed that kind of shooting, so proper clamping is extremely important now. Of course, everything comes with experience, but if you look at the pattern above, you'll understand how you need to contain the flight of bullets from the weapon. Clamping from the AK-47, you need to pull the mouse down and then slightly to the left. Practice this aspect.


Sight placement


Sight placement.

Perhaps the most important rule for those players who dream of learning how to place headshots. It seems like a simple truth, but watch many beginners from the sidelines and this myth dissipates. In fact, even many players with average ranks in CS:GO make a very big mistake - they forget to keep the aim at head level. 


Many factors can play here: lack of concentration, lack of experience, and, in fact, the inability to hold the sight. I advise all beginners to always keep in mind that your main objective is to put a headshot. Also, remember that your aim shouldn't always be in one place. For example, if the enemy is hiding on a crate, try to anticipate where his head is.


Different styles of shooting



If you've ever watched professional team matches, you may have noticed that many players shoot differently depending on the situation. This is really true. There are many ways to shoot in CS:GO: single shots, two or three shots, short clips or long clips. The AK-47 is one of the strongest weapons in CS:GO, so it can be used in different ways and at different distances. 


For example, if you're shooting from afar, it's best to try one or two shots. If you're shooting from close range, you should think about clamping. If you have learned the shooting pattern well, you can easily pick up 2-3 enemies from close range. You should always understand that when shooting with AK-47s, there will not be one answer to everything, and you need to adjust to the game of your teammates and opponents.


The game from the bey


CS:GO is not just about skill and team tactics. An important aspect of the shooter from Valve has always been and will always be information about the enemy team. Being able to calculate the enemy's economy and anticipate his plans is an essential skill for any player. 


AK-47s are very powerful weapons that you don't want to give to your opponent, so constant rush will never be a good tactic. You always need to understand that your weapon is awesome at close range as well as long range. 


So if you have information that your enemies have pistols - try to go farther away to kill them easily or at least not to give them AK-47. The opposite situation if your opponent has an AWP. Get as close as possible and only then go out. In general, you should always play on the opponent's weapons and other information about the opponent that you possess. 


Practice and practice again



Practicing your skill and shooting is good, but practice is more important in CS:GO. If you trivialize the map or don't know how to do the spread, individual skill is not as of paramount importance. In order to deal as much damage as possible with AK-47, you need to become a team player: learn how to pick up two guys correctly, how to make exchanges, or at least give a good smok on the door on Dust II. 


Also constant practice in the game (not only on Aim_Botz and DeathMatch) will help you to raise all your other shooting skills, hone your pattern, and in general to improve your aim.

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