TOP 5 Upcoming Android Games (List)

TOP - 5 Upcoming Android Games.

1) League Of Legends : Wild Rift :- 


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You experience the skill and strats in this 5v5 game. Experience the league of legends by Riot games, now built from the ground up for mobile with smooth controls and fast-paced games. You can team up with friends, and go for the big play. Teamwork makes the dream work in this mobile game.  

2) Abysswalker :- 


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Experience a post apocalyptic cyberpunk world, where technology meets fantasy. Enjoy stunning graphics created with unreal engine 4. 
Participate in numerous exhilarating events and challenges. Join up with other players and complete in survival drill to become the last one standing. Create a wide range of skill combos to defeat your enemies. 

3) Modern Dead - 


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Modern dead is a combination of an open ended RPG and a real time strategic game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this game you can manage different rare heros that you must recruit with using different kinds of weapons to fight mutants and outcasts, all to ensure the survival of your stronghold and its people. The terror of dungeon exploration, survival stories, fun battle modes, and ultimate base construction all await you. 

4) World Of War Machines : WW2 Strategy game - 

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The battle rages on over land, sea and air. The british carry on battle over the skies of England and the channel. Build the strongest army by manufacturing historically accurate tanks, artillery and infantry win and conquer with commanders from all around the world. 

5) Legacy Of Destiny || : Dark vs Light -

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PvP is allowed in all maps. Unlimited open maps and enjoy the excitement in massive PvP. Defeat red name raider player will have a chance to get unlimited equipments. Grab rich resources from fierce boss while you should take care of assaults from other player. Dozens of cool mounts including phonix, flying rockets are present in game.



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