Top 5 youtubers in Pakistan

Top 5 Youtubers in Pakistan

The growing trend of YouTubers in Pakistan has sparked interest in creating your own YouTube channel. There is also an increasing trend in young YouTubers working for other entrepreneurs to promote their business on their YouTube channels. 
 Many people start their YouTube channel in Pakistan, but those who remain consistent and show their determination and passion guide through this platform. Famous Pakistani Youtubers made the company proud. 
 In 2021, due to the COVID19 pandemic, many Pakistanis started their YouTube channel while staying at home. 

 Home recipes, entertainment and beauty products, development videos, pranks, entertainment, technical videos, or different high-quality content have gained popularity during this time, reaching YouTubers to have more subscribers to help them earn income from their channel in no amount of time.


This article looks at a list of the best Pakistani Youtubers and their YouTube subscription, and the number of earnings. However, if you have some knowledge of video editing, such as editings design, and you have an interest in a specific field to create engaging content in it, you can also share it with others through your videos on your YouTube channel, which you can make for free. . This article looks at the complete list of the


Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers with individual or group capabilities. However, the focus is more on content creators than media channels that help you get acquainted with the people or groups behind the most subscribers. They are also some of the highest-paid Yhighest-paid countries. To take a closer look at the stars ruling local YouTube in 2021, Startup Pakistan has collected data from various sources on the best and best Pakistani YouTubers of 2021 with the most subscribers


Pakistani YouTubers Income is one of the major concerns for beginners or the public interested in knowing earn through just by posting their videos on YouTube. we talk about the highest subscribers of Pakistani Youtube Accounts 


Top 5 Pakistani Youtubers

The top 10 Pakistani Youtubers list with most subscribers are as follows:

  1. Kitchen with Amna
  2. Nadir Ali
  3. Asad Memon- Food Fusion
  4. Mubashir Saddiqui
  5. Qasim Ali Shah


Kitchen with Amna

She is the only Pakistani cooking expert till now on YouTube who reached 4 million subscribers. She is ranking on the top, according to the sources. She currently has 4.12 million subscribers. She is also considered as the famous pakistani youtPakistaniadir Ali- P 4 Pakao.

Nadir AlTakaothe king of entertainment, and he is behind Pakistan's largest YouTube channel, P4 Takao. The subscribers can say that it was Takaothe first independent Pakistani channel to reach more than 3 million followers.  It's comedic and troll jokes on the internet, with members also showing an interest in covering content through their memes. Its current subscribers are 3.49 million for channel P 4 Takao.


Asad MTakao Food Fusion

Another professional, unique and straightforward, and straightforward that showcases delicious food through a YouTube channel is owned by Asad Memon. The track calledtrackFusion" isn't just on YouTube; however, it drove people crazy to try his recipes on Facebook as well. This online cooking channel is popular among people of all ages in Pakistan and around the globe.


Mubashir Saddiqui– Village Food Secrets

Mubashir, a 36-years old man from a tiny village of Shahpur in the district of Sialkot in Punjab, Pakistan, has started his YouTube named 'Village Food Secrets' where he shares all the food recipes from his village and to the people all across the globe who loved it.


Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a popular motivational speaker and trainer. Qasim's online presence and its content are very famous among the people, especially for Pakistani youth. However, his YouTube channel is also based on lectures and short motivational videos that he has made himself. Because of this, he is gaining enormous popularity, only in Pakistan but also in other countries.


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