Top 7 Actors Who Perform Deadly Stunts Themselves

7.Tom Cruise.

Of course, after six parts of the painting "Mission Impossible" the name of Tom Cruise is invariably associated with the nimble agent Ethan Hunt. Before filming in the spy action movie, the actor calmly trusted the execution of all stunts stuntman, but once Cruise decided to experiment and star in a dangerous scene himself, as it required a close-up. Since then, in the famous franchise, we have the opportunity to see Tom's skills not only as an actor, but also as a performer of dangerous stunts. Of course, the most memorable of these were climbing the Burj Khalifa with a rope and flying on the outside of an airplane.

6. Daniel Craig

Craig's widespread fame came from his role as James Bond in "Casino Royale" - since then, the actor has played Agent 007 in "Spectre" and "Skyfall Coordinates", and another part of the modern Bond film with Daniel - "No Time to Die" - was postponed in spring because of the coronavirus. The actor himself says that it was important for him to perform the maximum number of stunts on his own, so that what is happening on the screen looked more impressive and believable. In a lot of dangerous scenes Craig actually starred himself, including an episode with jumping on cranes in "Casino".

5.Sylvester Stallone.

During his acting career, Stallone starred in more than fifty films, including the Rocky, Rambo, Unstoppable and Escape Plan series. The actor sought maximum authenticity and in most combat scenes, which are famous for these pictures, stunts performed by himself, which sometimes ended in injuries. For example, during the filming of the fourth "Rocky" Dolph Lundgren hit Stallone so that he was in the hospital, and in "Irresistible" actor had a broken neck.

4 Keanu Reeves.

The most memorable pictures with Reeves and an abundance of action scenes are "The Matrix," "Speed" and "John Wick." Keanu believes that dangerous stunts are an integral part of acting, and tries to perform the maximum number of them himself, except when the scenes are particularly difficult. For example, in "Speed" Reeves performed a jump from a convertible into a bus, and for the filming of "John Wick" specially honed fighting skills for four months to eight hours a day to the minimum resort to the help of a stuntman.

3.Christian Bale.

Christian Bale shocks audiences time and time again with his body manipulation, extremely losing weight, gaining muscle or fat mass. But in the Batman trilogy, the actor also distinguished himself by performing stunts in dangerous scenes. Bale walks around in a superhero costume on the roof of a tall building in Chicago. And all with a minimum of insurance.

2.Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan is known for his roles in action movies, where he shows off his acrobatic fighting style and skills in using all sorts of improvised means in fights in all its glory. Of course, most of the stunts Chan performed himself - before starting his acting career, he worked as a stuntman. Tragically, along with the stunning fame of the actor came and injuries. Chan not once injured his nose, spine, eyes, skull and jaw, and how many was more minor mishaps ... As a result, there is even a tradition - after the movie viewers see a series of failed takes with stunts Chan.

1. Viggo Mortensen

World fame Viggo brought the role of Aragorn in the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", the last two parts of which brought him a nomination for the Saturn Prize. However, participation in the project cost the actor fractures and chipped teeth. The fact that Mortensen in most cases, refused the services of stuntmen and managed on their own with heavy swords, rode horses and participated in combat battles.


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