Top 7 Best Assault Rifles in the World


The FAMAS assault rifle was adopted by the French in 1977, and is one of the first assault rifles, designed with bullpup layout. FAMAS rifle was adopted in 1977, and is one of the first bullpup rifles, built into the French army in 1974. FAMAS also could befitted with auxiliary modules, such as additional recoil-killing handles. Subsequently, the FELIN kit mounts and mechanisms were significantly upgraded for the FELIN assault rifle.


The FN SCAR assault rifle was developed by the Belgian branch of the US-based FN Herstal company in 2004. FN SCAR rifles are used mainly by Texas Rangers, but some rifles are also available for military service.

FN SCAR rifles are simple and reliable weapons, but it is not affected by dust accumulation on the inside of the rifle (main problem with M-16 rifles). FN SCARs are notable for their good ergonomics, accuracy and fire accuracy, both in single shots and automatic fire modes. However, it is much heavier than M-16 rifle, and is about 2.5lbs heavier than M-16.

5. TAR-21.

The Israeli TAR-21 is the 5th best automatic rifle in the world. It was developed in 1993 as part of the replacement for the outdated Galil. "The Tavor is made with a bull-pup layout with a linear layout, which allowed for high accuracy of fire. This forced the designers to place the sighting bars much higher. The bolt also can be redesigned to eject the cartridge cases from the opposite side, allowing left-handed shooters to use the rifle effectively.

The TAR is a very versatile weapon, and can be universally adapted to any task.

4. HK G36

The HK G36 is a whole family of different assault rifles developed by the German company Heckler & Koch, designed to perform a range of combat missions. The first weapons were adopted by Bundeswehr in 1995, as a replacement for the obsolete G3.

The HK G36 is comparable to the AK-74 in weight, and the additional support ribs on the gripstock make the rifle even heavier. Thanks to this, it is much more resistant to mechanical damage. The HK G36 assault rifle is very accurate at range and has low recoil, allowing for comfortable shooting.

3. лю-16

The M-16 is one of the best and most famous assault rifles in the world, adopted in the United States. The M-16 came into military service in 1962, and its various modifications are still in service with the U.S. Army today.

The rifle became famous during the Vietnam War, where it was actively used by American soldiers. In addition, the M-16 is very popular among the civilian population as well, who use it for hunting, sport shooting and other recreational purposes.

Among the advantages of the M-16 are ergonomics and accuracy when firing single rounds. However, accuracy of this assault rifle decreases dramatically when shooting in long bursts.

2. Bushmaster Acr 3

The Bushmaster Acr 3 is an attempt to improve the appearance of the M-16 rifle, made by US-based Bushmaster Firearms International. During the development process, the designers decided to use some elements from XM8 and FN SCAR rifles in the new assault rifle. This system allows quick replacement of the rifle components for a wide variety of applications and at the same time allows user to change weapon's characteristics according to his or her needs. And although the rifle came out to be quite versatile, the main drawback was the $2,700 cost per unit in the basic configuration.

1- AK-12.

The AK-12 ranks No. 1 in the top 10 best assault rifles. Its development began in 2011, with developments accumulated over the past 10 years.

Throughout 2013-2014, the military regularly refused to accept the AK-12 into service, citing numerous flaws in the design of the rifle. In 2016, the concern provided an updated version, which was essentially a rework of the AK-74M using some elements from the unreleased AK-400.

On the AK-12 it is possible to install optics and additional accessories on the Picatinny bar, in addition, the underbarrel grenade launcher GP-25 and GP-34 can be installed under the barrel. In general the improvements have had a positive effect on the design of the rifle. Despite the initial criticism, the AK-12 is a very promising product, with ample development possibilities and versatility.


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