Top 7 Dashing '90s Movies That Will Take You Back in Time

7.Brother (1997).

The cult film of a whole generation, which made Bodrov Jr. a superstar and a favorite of millions. The film is completely devoid of the usual '90s clichés, melodramatic plot twists and hopes for a miracle that would suddenly make life better. The main character's search for a new meaning and new authorities is best characterized by the phrase: "Where's the power, brother? The film's characters are the products of an era, and the film is an illustration of the phrase about the wild 90s. Lawlessness, extortion, hired killers.

Heroes of the new time are criminals, decency is an unforgivable weakness, honesty is a sign of a "sucker". The film is action-packed, brutal and with good music. It is still incredibly fresh and interesting to watch.

6.Brother 2 (2000).

A rare case where the sequel is not inferior to the first film. Danila, the protagonist of the first film, goes to the United States and the audience finally gets to see the dream country through the eyes of a Soviet man. The dream, of course, turns out to be not so great. The hero gets justice, but in his own way. The result is a spectacular, vivid film that has also become a cult one, which is still fascinating to watch today.

5. Land of the Deaf (1998).

Another clichéd, yet honest and unusual film. As fate would have it, the film's protagonist, Rita, finds herself among deaf people. Moreover, one of them, Yaya, becomes her friend and helps her out in a difficult situation, giving Rita a shelter. In fact, the title of the film is an allegory. The deaf in this country are not those who cannot hear, but those who cannot listen. Despite her lack of hearing, Yaya knows how to listen. The film captivates with its tender, touching relationship between the two friends, more reminiscent of a mother-daughter relationship than an equal one.

4.Orphan of Kazan (1997)

The action of Vladimir Mashkov's life-affirming comedy could have taken place anywhere (think of the musical "Mamma Mia"). A girl named Nastya does not know who her father was. She has only a few facts. Having published a letter in the newspaper, she gets an answer from three potential candidates at once, with whom Nastya and her fiancé will meet the new year. A funny plot, soft humor and a wonderful performance by the actors of the older generation, Valentin Gaft, Lev Durov and Oleg Tabakov, make the film unforgettable and give the most positive emotions.

3.Poor Sasha (1997)

This New Year's Eve comedy has not escaped the trends of the 90's: there is a mafia, KGB, kidnapping and ransom demands, and the main character has served his time. However, this is only an entourage. In fact, it is a wonderful romantic comedy about a girl who tries by all means to attract the attention of her ever-busy mother. To do this, she hires a robber, who has broken into their house, to rob the bank run by her mother. The result is logical for any romantic comedy - the banker falls in love with a man completely unsuitable for her, and he does not remain indifferent. The movie has enough humor, good music and touching moments. It remains the favorite New Year's movie of many Russian viewers for many years.

2. The Blind Man (2005)

Filmed in the early 2000s, the film mocks (in fact, only slightly embellishing) the attributes of the tough guy of the 90s: the first giant cell phones, costing as much as an airplane wing, crimson jackets, chains "with an athlete". The main characters are gangsters doing work for their boss who controls the drug trade. Killing competitors and people who get in the way of the boss has long been a habit for them. The film was mostly enjoyed by those who were nostalgic for the '90s, but in early 2000 the parody of the world of "bros" looked a little dated. But all the actors did a decent job, and the ending is sad rather than funny.

1.Who Else But Us (1998)

A sad film about teenagers of the '90s, directed by Valery Priyemkhov, who also acted as screenwriter and starred in one of the main roles. Two boys from not-so-wealthy families try to earn money by any means and inevitably slip into crime. One ends up in prison, the other stays free. The blatant division into rich and poor was still new to the former Soviet society, but the director subtly pinpointed the emerging trend and emphasized it as one of the main future problems of the post-Soviet space. The young actors did an excellent job with their roles. The simple but sincere film is still good to watch.


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