Top 7 famous actors and actresses who went bankrupt

7. lindsay lohan

The enormous money that Disney star Lindsay Lohan began to receive for her roles at a very young age, could not help but break her psyche. For a while the young actress has radiated success and prosperity, but the accident, in which Lindsay almost died because of a man, suddenly unearthed the awful truth - it turns out that the girl had a long-standing problem with alcohol and drugs, and earned money flew down the drain of eternal parties and celebrations. It was not easy to recover from the blow - bankruptcy sent Lohan to the bottom of human contempt.

6. Nicolas Cage

When he was one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, Nicolas Cage lived the high life - the artist royalties allowed him to buy houses and castles, to gather a collection of old comic books and put a dinosaur skeleton in the living room, the star of "The Rock" even had his own zoo. Where did it all go? The answer is simple - the big household required a huge amount of money to maintain, and there were disruptions with work. The snowball of non-payment forced Cage to start selling off what he had gained, and soon the actor was left at the broken trough of bankruptcy.

70's star Burt Reynolds was a true style icon of his time - they wanted to be like him, they copied him in clothes, demeanor, facial expressions, he raised the fashion for mustaches to the heavens. But if the vegetation on his face could afford almost any fan, to live as sprawling could not afford anyone. A few years of Reynolds' peak popularity turned into one continuous party, and when the guests dispersed, it turned out that there was nothing to pay. Burt was bankrupt by the end of his life, barely making ends meet.

4. Debbie Reynolds

The magical "singing in the rain" Debbie Reynolds was the unwitting victim of her husband's financial incompetence. Considerable fees for a while allowed the actress to live happily ever after, but then failed investments spouse, who relied on dubious recommendations, forced Reynolds to sell off the estate and a collection of dresses. Fortunately, Debbie did not give up, she continued to work and, although she could not return to Hollywood Olympus, brought up a beautiful daughter Carrie Fisher, the most famous princess of the galaxy.

3.Wesley Snipes

The reason for not only the financial collapse, but also the imprisonment of Wesley Snipes was the fact that the actor has encroached on the most sacred thing that is in the United States. No, not the Constitution - he withheld taxes. And it seems that the amount was small, and Wesley acted at the prompting of a cunning recidivist accountant, but the court was relentless - Snipes was deprived of all savings, and the remaining debts were written off through bankruptcy proceedings. Well, and behind bars there were lessons in financial literacy. Now the actor is extremely careful with money and contracts.

2. Brendan Fraser.

Like many other young stars who soared too high at a fairly tender age, Brendan Fraser fell victim to a dizzying success that showered him with money. The "Mummy" star enthusiastically began buying up everything he saw in showcases and catalogs, from apartments to antiques, but soon found himself at the precipice. Reckless spending led to bankruptcy, bankruptcy led to depression, depression led to loss of form, loss of form led to lack of work. In a matter of weeks, Fraser found himself without money or a movie, and only now beginning to make his way up.

1.Lena Headey.

It is commonly believed that divorce in America is guaranteed to lead the former spouse to financial ruin - if the jointly acquired property is not taken away by the wife, everything is eaten up by insane spending on lawyers. In the case of actress Lena Headey it was all the other way around - as she provided for the family, then the cost of dissolving the marriage fell on the shoulders of the "Game of Thrones" star. Considerable expenses - by the time the signing of divorce papers Heedy was left with five thousand in the account. Had to go bankrupt and start life again. But without ballast in the form of a spouse.


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