Top 7 iconic models of cool sneakers

1.Nike Air Force 1.

The Air Force has become one of the most popular models in Nike history and sneakers in general. You most likely see the Air Force 1 every day on public transportation, in cafes, and on the street. The model was originally designed for basketball players, and its distinguishing feature was a special space in the sole with air. This lightened the sneaker and made it more "springy".

The first Nike Air Force 1 was introduced in 1982 - then only a tall version with a black swoosh. A low white pair appeared two years later, in 1984, and became a Nike sales hit. By that time Air Force 1 was firmly established in hip-hop. Many musicians wore the sneakers, and Jay-Z, Pete Nice and Nelly mentioned them in their tracks.

2.Nike Cortez.

These sneakers were designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bauerman in 1972. The Cortez was intended for runners - the U.S. track and field team performed in them. After entering the free sale on the model attracted the attention of fashionistas. A key feature of the Nike Cortez was the versatility of shape and lightness of the sole, which allowed it to be used for training, running or skateboarding, as well as for everyday wear.

The Nike Cortez became even more popular after the release of the Robert Zemeckis film Forrest Gump. Just a few seconds of showing this pair on the feet of the main character brought sales to a whole other level. This is one of the best examples of product placement in cinema. Plus, the lead actor, Tom Hanks, tested the model himself and ran quite a distance in it.

3.Nike Air Max 1.

The model appeared on the market in 1987 - it combined suede with nylon mesh. The distinguishing feature of the Nike Air Max 1 was the visible Air balloon, which was implemented by the company's designer Tinker Hatfield. He was inspired by the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, where all communications are brought outdoors. Plus, the openness of the system allowed the balloon to expand beyond the sole, which helped improve cushioning.

And yes, this model was also a hit. The massive sneaker was well received by everyone from runners, for whom the Nike Air Max 1 was designed, to graffitists and casual fashionistas who appreciate comfort and convenience.

4.Nike Air Jordan 1.

Over the past 25 years, the Air Jordan has become a truly legendary model. For many, the Jordans are what sneakers are all about. After Nike signed rising NBA star Michael Jordan in 1984, the brand had to create a Jordan sub-brand to meet the basketball player's need for a "thinner sole." According to the athlete, the existing options prevented him from feeling the playing surface during the game.

Nike's creative thinking in those years was unstoppable. The NBA fined the basketball player $5,000 for not following the rules - shoes had to be white, and Jordan performed in white and red. The brand then launched a powerful advertising campaign in which it told the story on its own behalf and played on people's feelings with the simple phrase "the NBA can't stop you from wearing them."

5.Adidas Stan Smith.

The classic Stan Smith sneaker was developed by Adidas over 50 years ago. Today it is the most popular pair from the German brand. The design has not changed much over the years and remains relevant to this day. The model bears the name of the popular tennis player of the 20th century Stan Smith, with whom Adidas signed a lifetime contract for cooperation. At the end of the eighties the pair was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling sneaker of all time.

The Stan Smith silhouette is legendary and has been the basis of collaborations with brands such as Y3, NEIGHBORHOOD and CLOT. Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and every culture-conscious sneakerhead owns Adidas.

6.Adidas Superstar.

Another classic from Adidas that came out in the seventies. A distinctive feature of the model was the "shell" on the toe, protecting the toes. Karim Abdul-Jabbar, a basketball player who wore them at the height of his career in 1970-71, played a role in their popularity.

B-boys and skateboarders were inspired by the athletes' outward attributes. The Superstar was considered a prestigious sneaker in the U.S. because it was chosen by local Bronx trendsetters and innovators, earning street cred. All of this combined to make the silhouette the most sought after in the eighties. To cope with the huge demand, Adidias expanded production of the range to socialist Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

7.Adidas Samba

The Adidas Samba soccer sneakers appeared in 1950. According to legend, they helped the German national team win the World Cup in 1954. Despite the beautiful history, the Samba became popular much later - almost three decades after its release. In the eighties, this model began to spread widely among soccer fans in England due to the fact that law enforcement agencies began to catch people wearing the uniform of their favorite club.


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