Top 7 Places You May Not Come Back From Alive

1.The Bermuda Triangle

Perhaps the first place in the ranking of undesirable places has long been occupied by the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, from which not everyone has managed to return. This area is a geometric figure with the tops of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It is in this anomalous zone that planes and seagoing vessels have disappeared. It is the home of cyclones and storms. In 1945, a group of five aircraft disappeared from radar at the same time, and to this day nothing is known of them. Another mysterious plane disappearance happened in 1965 with ten crew members. It is also rumored that there were instantaneous movements in space and temporal deviations, as well as failure of navigational instruments. Where is the fiction and where is the truth, it is difficult to say - not all events have documentary evidence. But who knows if the anomalies need these documents?

2.The Cursed City.

Another ominous place that is unlikely to come across on a tourist's itinerary is the city of Bangar. It was built back in 1573 in India, in the state of Rajasthan, as a testament to the military exploits of a prince. The locals consider this city to be the place with the largest number of ghosts. The reason for this is a curse. 250 years ago, it was because of this that the population chose to leave the structures of the spooky town. Now the passage to it is also closed from dusk to dawn.

3.The Ghost Town

You know a town called Centrailia, which is located in Pennsylvania. The place was once a mining community until firefighters in 1962 decided to set fire to a pile of garbage in one part of an abandoned mine. It burned to the ground, but that proved to be the beginning of the end! The fire burst into deeper tunnels to the old garbage piles and then into other mines. The city was filled with acrid smoke, which is still spreading. In 1980, it triggered huge sinkholes and rifts. Part of the city went underground, a process that continues to this day. A veritable gateway to the underworld.

4.Snake Island

The island of Keimada Grandi in the Atlantic Ocean is called a snake island not because it looks like a writhing snake from above, but because it is home to the most dangerous species of lance-headed snakes. From the bite of such a beauty is guaranteed tissue death. That is why since 1985, visit the island is officially forbidden by the Brazilian authorities. The island has become one of the most dangerous places on the planet. There have been attempts to burn the forest to get rid of the creeping killers, but so far they are keeping score.


Once residents of Pripyat still recall a sad date. In 1986 there was a biological tragedy that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, made natural areas dangerous to life and turned the new city into a real ghost. The atomic explosion released tons of radiation, echoes of which we can feel a third of a century later. Before people could return there, it would have to be about 7 thousand years! Today there is extreme tourism on the territory of Pripyat and adjacent areas, including the Red Forest, which for the same reason long ago changed the color of pine needles. But not everyone will risk entrusting their lives to experts who promise to lead you along safe routes. In addition, it is said that encounters with mutants and the restless souls of the dead from radiation sickness are not excluded.

6.The Desert of Danakil

The Danakil Desert, where the Arabian Plate rift is located, is a real chemical laboratory for wildlife. This place in Ethiopia became famous at the beginning of the twentieth century. Going there, a traveler risks dying from 50-degree heat, falling into a lava or sulfur lake as a result of regular earthquakes or being poisoned by poisonous gases. It is because of the variety of chemical processes that the surface of the desert is colored in all shades of red, yellow, and green. But despite the listed passions that nature harbors, this place is popular with those who like to tickle their nerves. According to them, the views of Danakil resemble the surface of a scary planet from a fantasy novel. Before you dare to go there for rare photos, think whether you are ready to part with your life if something goes wrong.

7.Death Valley in Yakutia

In the north of Yakutia there is a valley that is rightly called the valley of death. Trees don't grow there, only black stumps, and there are deadly swamps all around; neither birds nor beasts have been seen there. It is located on the right bank of the right tributary of the river Vilyui. According to eyewitnesses, there are metal cauldrons or domes protruding from under the ground, inside which are many metal rooms. If a hunter ventures there to get some warmth, he will be gravely ill, but if he happens to be there twice, he will never escape death. From the last evidences is the letter of M.P.Koretsky which has been saved in the Yakut library. It speaks of several such cauldrons of unknown metal, which is not forged or broken. According to local residents, over time, these cauldrons sink into the permafrost.


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