Top 7 prestigious places to live in America

7.Tiburon (Tiberon, Tiburon), California

Tiburon is located on a peninsula on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay. The nearby city of San Francisco can be reached either by bridge or ferry.

Just over 9,000 people live here, and the population has grown by 0.5 percent in five years. A large percentage of the locals are wealthy and educated, earning an average of $154,000 a year. By comparison, most households in the country make less than $63,000.

Unemployment here is lower than the American average, at 2.7% versus 5.3%.

6.Hanover, New Hampshire

Hanover, located along the Connecticut River, is home to 8,500 people, a large percentage of whom are students (the town is home to Dartmouth College). In five years, population growth has been 1.2%.

Hanover has both urban amenities (restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, golf courses, parks, museums, libraries, and theaters) and natural attractions. Around the city there are a large number of ecotrails, which are suitable for skiing and hiking.

The situation in the labor market is as follows. The average unemployment rate for five years is 3%, which is lower than the national rate. And the average family earns $110,000 a year.

5.Piedmont (Piedmont), California

Piedmont is a small town, with less than 12,000 people (the number has grown by 3.3% in five years). However, it is close to the San Francisco metropolitan area and Oakland. Its proximity to such major cities means a well-developed public transportation network, which is used by more than 15% of local citizens (more than three times the national rate).

But the cost of living in the Piedmont is high (which is generally typical for California cities), so housing is expensive: most homes in the area cost more than $ 2 million. But people earn a lot: the average annual income per household is $245,000.

There are jobs in Piedmont - the unemployment rate for a five-year period did not exceed 3.9%.

4.Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is the most populous city on this list with 85,000 residents. Although there has been a slight population loss of minus 1 percent over five years.

In addition to the downtown area, the city consists of 10 neighborhoods, 16 kilometers of waterfront, dozens of parks and more than 450 restaurants and shopping centers.

It is one of the least affordable places to live in the country. A typical home in the area costs $1.9 million, about 15 times the median income of $127,000 per family per year. By comparison, the U.S. average home costs 3.5 times what an American family earns in a year.

3.Hillsboro, Calif.

The bronze in the ranking of prestigious places to live in America was won by Hillsborough with a population of only 11,500 people (+2.7% over the last five years). The city is located 30 kilometers from downtown San Francisco, making the latter's job market very accessible to locals. The area has a predominantly tech industry.

Hillsborough is one of the wealthiest locations in the U.S.: the average local family earns $250,000 a year. And only 3% of able-bodied people living here have been unemployed in the previous five years.

Restaurants, sports complexes, fitness centers, and stores abound in the city - the concentration of places to hang out is high.

2.Manhattan Beach, California

The city of Manhattan Beach is home to 35,500 people, a number that hasn't changed globally since it lost just 0.1% of its population over the past five years.

It is located south of Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast. It has a three-kilometer beach suitable for fishing, surfing, and swimming. There are more than 150 stores, 50 restaurants and a weekly farmer's market in the pedestrian area of the center.

Most locals are wealthy and well-educated: over $150,000 a year per family, and three out of four adults have bachelor's degrees. But the unemployment rate is higher than in the other top 10 cities - 5.1%, which is almost equal to the national average (5.3%).

1.Palo Alto, CA

The leader of the ranking, Palo Alto is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is considered its historic center.

Sometimes it is even called the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley. That's why the city and its outskirts have a high concentration of tech companies, including such giants as Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Apple and Tesla Motors.

Labor here is high-paying: most households make almost $160,000 a year, with another 40 percent of families earning more than $200,000. And the five-year average unemployment rate is 3.2 percent, which is lower than the national average.

There are 66,500 people living in Palo Alto, and that number is slowly but surely growing (+0.9% over the past five years).


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