Top 9 Garena Free Fire Tricks and Tips to take you to Pro levels

1.Know your Character Strength


Garena Free Fire has 15 characters till now at the hour of creating, and they all have different strong points which you really want to be aware for the intuitiveness. All characters have a substitute air and different zone of specialization, which you can pester and profit by these characters.


Garena Free Fire Characters


characters of Free Fire are given underneath


1. Entry:


The entry is from the supreme power from the maritime power and has a few extraordinary powers.


Strength: Iron Will (Reduce Damage took outside the protected zone)


2. Olivia:


Olivia is a Caring Nurse who will revive accomplices with media packs.


Strong point: Healing Touch (Players reestablished by Olivia get extra HP)


3. Andrew


Andrew was a-list individual from the police. He has a sensation of value and keeps on seeking after criminals.


Strength: Armor Specialist (Decrease vest sturdiness setback)


4. Kelly


Kelly is a big cheese sprinter; she runs speedier than various characters in the free fire.


Specialty: Dash (Increase running rate)


5. Nikita


Nikita is a talented and master defender.


Specialty: Firearms Expert (Reload submachine weapon faster)


6. Misha


Misha is a skilled racer who can beat any contention on a vehicle at whatever point.


Distinguishing strength: Afterburner (accelerate and lessen hurt taken while inside vehicles)


7. Saying


The saying is a legend eater.


Strength: Gluttony (lessen the ideal chance for eating mushrooms and using media packs.


8. Kia


Kia is a tactical expert and invests huge energy in Muay Thai.


Strength: Muay Thai (extended grasp hand hurt)


9. Paloma


Master in arms courses of action and control stowed away world.


Strength: Arms-making due (AR ammo won't take stock space)


10. Miguel


Miguel is a top notch hero from remarkable powers.


Strength: Crazy Slayer (will procure EP with each kill)


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