Top apps to make money online

Mobile money-making apps, the most important money-making apps in 2022, making money from Android and iPhone apps, all of these terms fall into one box that everyone is looking for today. It is the profit from the Internet and the profit from mobile in 2022.

Today and in our time, no person does not have a mobile phone, and uses it for all kinds of things. You can do everything from banking services to dealing with bills via the smartphone through the mobile phone. So why not use your phone to make money from the internet? Why not make money from the mobile? It is better to use a mobile also to make money from it, today we will present to you some of the best money-making applications for 2022 to earn some extra money while using your phone while you are at home.

Here are the best online earning apps

Robin Hood : 

Robinhood is an investment app that offers you the opportunity to buy stocks at a trading cost of $0. The advantage of the application is that you can invest in partial shares of the stock.

So if you only have $10 to invest, you can still own a portion of Google.

Registering for Robinhood is free, and you will get a free share of stock.

This share of the stock's value can range between $5 and $500.


Swagbucks :

Swagbucks is one of the most important ways to profit from mobile applications, by filling out surveys and opinion polls or doing some other simple tasks such as watching a video and others.


Upwork :

It is not possible to talk about profit from the Internet in general, without talking about Upwork.

The site through which you can sell your services and profit from a distance.

You can provide writing, programming, design, training, and any kind of freelancer-related services.


Earnviv app :

works on iOS and Android.

You can download the application from the official website

It is a crypto rewarding application that allows you to earn money from applications through:

Conduct surveys.

Complete tasks.




iPoll app :

works on iOS and Android.

You can download the application from the official website.

It is a market research application that allows you to earn money from Android and iPhone applications through:

Conduct market surveys.

And take notes (about a specific product).

and complete retail-related tasks.

How to earn money from mobile:

1- You register and you are asked for some basic information, such as your preferences and consumer habits, to determine your suitability for tasks.

2- Receive alerts when new tasks are available based on your preferences and location.

The advantage of the app is that it is customized so that you get alerts of tasks and tasks that fit your interests and what you might enjoy.


MooCash app :

It is an application available for iPhone and Android and one of the applications for making money by doing a variety of tasks and requests.

You will be paid in MooCash in the form of:

  • Game codes.
  • gift cards
  • Coupons.
  • Bitcoin coins.
  • cash liquidity.

To earn these rewards, users can complete tasks such as watching a video, participating in paid surveys, referrals (such as affiliate marketing) and even trying other apps and games.

How the application works.

Once you download the app and sign up, the app will display ads on the lock screen.

You can also earn coins when completing other tasks in the app.

Once you collect enough coins in your account, you can exchange them for one of the rewards above.


Pat Pat  APP :

You can market online. Buying online is preferred by the majority. It specializes in children's, children's, and children's clothing. It is a trusted site and content that has its language, either Arabic or English.


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