Top Biggest People on the Planet

Lindsey Hayward.

This California girl is about 206 cm tall. She didn't just suddenly become this way, it started when she was six centimeters taller than her friends as a teenager. She could have grown much taller than 206 cm if it weren't for the fact that she had a herniated spine.

She became popular because of being a great actress and because of her many victories in various wrestling matches.

In addition to her role in the series, she also got a full movie role, which attracted the attention of the Guinness Book of Records, which then crowned her the title of "the highest actress in a leading role.

Lindsay said that living a very tall person constantly draws attention to you in places like airplanes, stores, etc.

2. Dalip Singh Rana.

Dalip Singh Rana, the Indian wrestler also known as the great Khali, is about 220 cm tall because of a hormonal disorder in his pituitary gland.

He couldn't just let that height go to waste, so he decided to train and join the Indian police force. He also won an award as the first Indian to win the WWE Elite Heavyweight Championship.

Because he was so huge, it was very difficult for him to find someone to train him, and even harder to get trainers that matched his size, that was one of the problems. Another problem is that a guy this big needs a lot of food, he admitted that he eats about 5 whole chickens a day to provide the right amount of protein that his huge body needs.

3. Igor Vovkovinsky

Born in the Soviet Union, Igor Vovkovinsky is 234.5 cm tall; his parents had to move to the United States to help fix his pituitary gland problem, which contributed to his rapid growth. Doctors had to perform a total of 16 surgeries on him to stop his rapid growth because it was causing him problems such as constant back and leg pain.

4. Sultan Kösen

Turkish farmer Sultan Kösen is 251 cm tall, making him the tallest man in the world, he would have been number one on the list, but the title talks about the tallest people who have ever lived, not the tallest people living today, so, sorry.

In any case, Koesen also has the world's largest palms, at 24 cm long, and he suffers from pituitary gland problems like all other people his size, causing him to have to go through a series of surgeries to stop his growth.

5. Robert Wadlow.

Koesen is the tallest man alive today, but the tallest man in history was Robert Wadlow.

He was born in the United States in 1918, when medicine was not yet too advanced, so doctors could not perform serious surgeries, such as brain surgery, that could help him.

Because of this, he continued to grow to 272 cm, but this did not prevent him from leading a relatively normal life. He, unlike Kösen, finished high school and studied law, but unfortunately was unable to finish his studies.

Then he joined the circus, and people instantly fell in love with him, dubbing him the gentle giant.

His health began to deteriorate because of inadequate medical care at the time, and in his 20s he could not walk normally without crutches. Later, he was accidentally wounded with a cane, which eventually led to sepsis, and doctors tried hard to save his life by administering medicine to the best of their ability, as well as blood transfusions, but efforts were unsuccessful. He died in 1940, and his funeral was attended by a large number of friends, relatives, and admirers - 40,000 people in all.

6. Neil Fingleton

Neil Fingleton played in the popular TV series Game of Thrones, you know, as Mega the Mighty, who tore down the doors of Castle Black with his bare hands. He is also the tallest actor in the world (233 cm) and first starred as a bodyguard in X-Men in 2011. He also played alongside Keanu Reeves in the action film 47 Ronin.

Before he started acting, Neil was a basketball player and once said that his height never overwhelmed him emotionally, although he spent a lot of time answering questions from clueless people. He also said he was actually afraid of going bald, and that was his biggest worry.

He had a promising life, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 36 due to heart failure.

7. Haftor Björnsson.

Another Game of Thrones character, Hafthor, was not from the beginning. Standing about 206 cm tall, Haftor was a basketball player from an early age, but a knee injury cut his career short abruptly.

Another man just as strong saw him and advised him to start training, and he soon found himself fighting for the title of the strongest man in the world. Even after he got the role of Grigor in Game of Thrones and shattered the Viking record that was as much as a thousand years old, Haftor never stopped training and fighting for the title of the strongest man in the world.


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