Top Budget Graphics Cards for Pc Gaming in 2021



Opens the top office graphics card, which can be used as a gaming graphics card at the expense of quality active cooling and quite good performance. Of the disadvantages only chip video memory GDDR4 and a bus width of 64 bits, because of which even hope to run something serious is not worth it. Among the most significant features here are:


The maximum current consumption is only 20W;

DirectX 12 allows you to run even the most modern games at minimal settings;

4,096*2160 maximum resolution;

Supports major connectors DVI-D, HDCP, HDMI.

In addition, the installation takes only 1 slot, i.e. other PCI Express ports can be used for network cards, SSD, audio, and other needs. Optimal solution for fans of classic games, where the main load on the processor, and the card is needed only to create a static image.




Another simple model with absolutely nothing extra. A great option for all fans of online games and simple projects. The series is initially budget, but it is ideal for mini and midi cases. Several features are of special interest:


Memory capacity of 4 GB;

No additional power supply is required;

Quiet operation;

Heat dissipation is only 50W;

Small size.

The card has a bus only 128 bits and is focused on unhurried gameplay, where a minimum of dynamic scenes and complex locations. Fast MMO and shooters can lead to freezes and lags, and with it a spoiled impression of the passage. That's why you should buy this game for old games or for those who like unhurried gameplay.




Simple and unpretentious graphics card with a small radiator and only one fan. Suitable only for undemanding old games, and is installed mainly in older system units, where the built-in video core can not pull Full HD. The top part was included because of several criteria:


Low cost;

The power consumption is only 64 W;

Reliably pulls online projects and games up to 2014;

Easy to install into any enclosure.

Special interest is caused by the presence of all popular DVI-D, D-Sub and HDMI outputs. Thanks to this even modern monitors can be connected without too much difficulty. If you do not assign impossible tasks to the video card, it confidently copes even with the work in professional applications.




One of the most famous video cards, managed to get popularity for the combination of features and reliability. The developers here decided to reconsider the established views on all elements, offering a qualitatively new concept:


A fully enclosed casing with two fans;

Huge radiator for its time;

Up to 4K screen resolution;

Supports all existing games, albeit on minimal settings.

In the opinion of experienced gamers this graphics card is the best price/performance/pleasure ratio since 9800 GT. The power consumption for NVidia is quite high and reaches 90W, but even so it is one of the best among the existing analogues.




The most demanding video card among the presented. Under load it is able to "eat up" up to 250W, offering amazing power for its generation. Despite its release in 2013, it is still able to interest undemanding gamers with several critical indicators:


GDDR5 memory capacity is 4GB;

The bus width is huge 512 bits;

Excellent cooling with 3 fans and a huge radiator;

Flexible driver tuning system;

Nice design.

And even the RX 570 released in 2017 is inferior in games and professional applications to its predecessor in the range of 4.1-21.6%. Video card




The first iteration proved to be the most successful, and manufacturers from ASUS did not take too long to update the model. They changed the design of the PCB as standard, installed their own casing with a unique cooling system and increased the frequency by 12%, so this series remains relevant even in 2021. This was achieved thanks to several features:


An excellent cooling system that almost never lets the chip overheat;

GDDR5 memory (1GB) and a 128-bit bus width;

Digital resolution is limited to 2560×1600, analog no more than 2048×1536.

The card consumes up to 150W at maximum load, ensuring stable operation even in extreme conditions. For complex projects its power won't be enough, but outdated games (up to 2013) will run with maximum comfort.


ASUS R7 370 2GB


Simple graphic card from AMD, suitable for simple games and professional activities. Optimal solution for gamers who prefer undemanding games or projects without high dynamics. This graphics card has been originally targeted on gamers market, which resulted in a number of advantages:


Stable operation even under high loads;

Excellent cooling system;

Allows you to run almost all games, but in modern AAA projects you will have to lower the settings to the minimum;

Perfect color rendering.

Minus for AMD quite traditional consumes 110 W, and heats up accordingly. If you install it to a system unit with good cooling and do not try to run exorbitant games, you can not expect difficulties with overheating.




Among the budget graphics cards from AMD this model takes the first place in popularity. This is due to the combination of low cost and high performance comparable to GeForce GTX 1060. Due to this it is successfully used for games of any complexity, and in most non-AAA projects even 2020 manages to use high performance settings. Also among the features that stand out are:


4GB of memory at a 256-bit bus width;

Support for up to 5 monitors;

You can run any modern project;

High quality cooling;

Great software that helps you manually adapt the card to any need.

The only real disadvantage of this device is its power consumption, which can exceed 150W in peak values, although the manufacturer claims only 120W. Despite the general increase in demand for other cards, the price increase affected this model minimally, because its older brother with 8 GB is used for mining, and this series pays off unforgivably long.




The most famous among the video cards of the past decade, which managed to revolutionize due to the combination of low cost and the highest power. Almost every gamer in 2014-2015 wanted to install it in their computer to run demanding games on ultra settings. And even 7 years after its release, it remains relevant because of several criteria:


Power consumption of only 60 watts;

Excellent cooling system that, when serviced, does not allow it to get hotter than 77 degrees;

Low noise level.

The only significant drawback now is DirectX 11.0, which is already disastrously insufficient to run some games. Otherwise, the video card is able to amaze even now, so hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world are happy to use it.




One of the best cards of its time, opening almost limitless gaming opportunities. Even the most advanced projects can be run on it on minimal settings, and enjoy the gameplay without restrictions. Among the technological features, the project stands out several significant nuances:


A huge radiator with a fan, capable of cooling even more demanding systems;

High performance;

No risk of breakage;

4 GB of memory is enough for any task from professional applications to modern games;

Small size to fit into a mini-sized enclosure.

There are quite a few cards more powerful and cheaper, including Sapphire rx 470 nitro 4gb. But this model took the first place because of the combination of reliability, minimal heat dissipation and consumption of almost half the amount of electricity.


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