Top Eight Healthy Benefits of Apples

Apples benefits

There is no iota of doubt that apples are one of the most produced and consumed fruit in our world today. There are different variety of this fruit like the green and red ones, and they are used mainly as recipes.


Apples are fruits so nutritious that provide multiple health benefits to your body.


Below are highlights of the 8 (Eight) healthy benefits of apples


1. They are healthy for your heart


They are so many reasons why apples are good for your heart from researches and studies made, and the fact that apples are able to do some certain things in your body to improve your heart condition like ;


a. They produce or provide polyphenols (flavonoid epicatechin ) which helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.


b. They are made up of soluble fiber which helps to reduce or lower blood cholesterol levels.


2. They are Nutritious 


They contain so many varieties of nutrients like carbs, calories, fiber, vitamin c, copper, potassium, vitamin k, polyphenols (an antioxidants). These nutrients are good for your health, and help protect your cells and prevent heart disease and cancer. 


3. Improves Weight loss


For people looking for the right fruit to take regularly for weight consider apples as an option. Researches and studies have been able to discover that apples contains fiber and polyphenols that also have anti-obesity effect on your body.


4. It Reduce the risk of Diabetes


Apples contains other antioxidants like polyphenols quercetin and phloridzin. On one hand phloridzin helps to reduce sugar level or content in your intestines and quercetin also helps to reduce insulin resistance thereby making the insulin work properly and reduce the risk of diabetes.


5. It helps combat asthma


The antioxidants found in nutrient rich apples help to protect the lungs of the individual from oxidative damage.


The skin of apples contains a good antioxidants (quercetin) which helps to boost someone immune system and to reduce inflammation. Some various experiment have been carried out with different animals about this issue.


6. It Protects your Brain


The quercetin found in apples also protect the brain from oxidative caused from stress and prevent disease like Alzheimer's disease or brain dementia, it also prevent damage to the nerves caused by stress.


7. It helps your Digestive System


Apples contain a particular type of fibre called pectin, this type of fiber that acts as a prebiotic in your system. This means they help keep, and feeds your gut microbiota, which is the good bacteria in your gut, thereby improving Digestion.


Take note that your gut microbiota plays an important role in your overall health. 


 Research and studies suggests that, by beneficially altering your gut microbiota, apples may help protect against some chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

8. It Helps to hydrate and Improve your skin

Apple contains other vitamins or minerals like vitamin A, B complex and vitamin C and collagen ( which helps to improve the skin).

The nutrients found helps to brighten the skin, lighten the complexion, protects the skin from tanning, gets rids of pathogens in the skin and avoid or reduce excess oils, protects your skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun, that why you can use apples to treat skin burns. 


The vitamin E found in apples helps to keep your skin dehydrated always.


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