Top Five My Favourite Food and Receipe

1) Aripathiri

Aripathiri is a Hurling platoon of local food suckers and professional cookers. it's hard at work to bring you the dainty and most instigating Indian cookery in Bangalore. Whether you are looking for a delicious bite or a full mess, our food at Aripathiri will satisfy your every desire. Food prepared using the art of spices that are set up in original request and using islet spices, which includes black pepper, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and other spices. Aripathiri is a simple yet tasteful dish. An introductory curry which is one of the most popular curries in Kerala and serves as an excellent starter or side dish.

 2) pongal

 Food for Tamil Pongal festivity is the stylish way to drink the first day of pongal. It includes a variety of dishes like Rasam, Puliyodarai, Pachadi and further in different performances according to taste and preference. Pongal is a traditional dish during the Tamil New Year jubilee. The dish is prepared with groundnut oil painting, mixed with rice, tamarind and chili pepper greasepaint. A traditional dish of rice served on gleeful occasions in Tamil Nadu, Pongal is a popular food. The sticky rice served in this dish may be plain or seasoned with cardamom seeds and nuts in addition to the usual ghee. Pongal is a traditional south Indian food that's prepared by boiling1/2 kg of rice with 1 tsp of ghee and 1 mug of coconut oil painting. The unabsorbed water is also drained off making a thick porridge, which is also cooked in a heavy bottomed kettle known as a visage. It's served with neer dosa and jalebi soaked in sugar saccharinity as sweets.


 3) Dosha Food

Description- comes from the factory family known as sesbania, as well as other members of the Mimosaceae( monocotyledon) family. Food Description- comes from the factory family known as sesbania, as well as other members of the Mimosaceae( monocotyledon) family. For people who want to make further of their refections, but still enjoy a variety of healthy choices. Flavor Profile Rich & Creamy, Spicy, Earthy

. 4) porota 

Porotta is a traditional-baked dish from the Western Balkans, and it can be made in several ways with different paddings. The introductory form calls for a plain dough with a stuffing of either meat, rubbish, sap or spinach. Do not let any solicitude or vacillation get in your way, enjoy the fresh taste of Porotta and make recollections of a new life in the West! Porotta is a traditional Italian food made of dough and sauces that's outgunned with a tomato sauce. It can be served hot or cold, either as an appetizer or cate . Porotta is a traditional dish of Sicily, made out of unleavened chuck , and ignited in an downside-down vessel. It has a golden crust and a soft inside that becomes melt-in- the-mouth when you take a bite

. 5) Biriyani Rice

It is a popular South Asian dish made with rice and meat. Like utmost Indian food the purpose of the dish is to give you the perfect combination of flavors, textures and aromas. Our hand mess Biryani includes funk biryani cooked in ghee, adulation and other sauces This succulent rice and curry medication is the perfect dish for a family regale. It can be enjoyed by everyone and served in different ways. One of our favorite options is serving it with basmati rice cooked with veggies, green peas and yogurt to add flavor A delicious dish of rice, lentils and curried flesh arranged in a perfect curve. Be Sweet with our Oriya dish, a racy Nepalese curry. Do not forget to brace it with a altitudinous glass of orange juice

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Very delicious food.

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