Top Gaming Smartphones of 2021

1: ROG Phone

This is the best game smartphone available today, as the ROG Player Country (ROG) understands the needs of gamers better. Everything on the ROG Phone 2 is designed to make the game more fun. The 6.59 "AMOLED screen has a 120 Hz refresh rate, 240 Hz touch sampling rate, and 10-bit factory-calibrated HDR colors. It has a loud bass stereo speaker, a touch-sensing button called Air Triggers in the upper corner, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with 12 GB of RAM. The ROG Phone 2 is also clever in design because it has an additional USB Type-C charging port on the side of the phone so that even with the 6000mAh battery, the cable is not impeded when charging and still playing laterally. Watson considered placing Wi-Fi antennas inside the phone to ensure that the handshake does not cover them for maximum reception speed. All of this, the cool design, and a large number of accessories available on the ROG Phone 2 make it the most comprehensive, well-designed, and powerful smartphone we've ever seen for gamers. Of course, the downside of this phone is that it's big and heavy. In terms of price, this flagship smartphone costs $900.


2: iPhone 11 Max 


The iPhone 11 Pro has a great screen, great camera, and access to the Apple App Store with powerful features. Because many of the latest and most anticipated games are first released on iOS, and sometimes graphical changes are made to take advantage of the iPhone's capabilities. It's called the best mainstream gaming phone, not the best overall because it doesn't have the game-specific features of the USS ROG Phone 2. It can meet all user needs, but it doesn't have a 120Hz frequency, refresh the screen, special game mode, air trigger, or cool ROG design style. But there is no doubt that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a great game console. Built-in with the latest Apple A13 Bionic processor, the GPU is 20% faster than older iPhone models, plus much smart software for developers to take advantage of and make the game look and play better than ever. We recommend the iPhone 11 Pro Max because it has a large Super Retina XDR screen of 6.5 ", 2688 × 1242 pixels, which is better for gaming and video viewing than the smaller 5.8" screen on the iPhone 11 Pro. The smaller iPhone 11 Pro has the same display pixel density and performance, so smaller models are also good choices.

3: One Plus 8 Pro


One of the most powerful multimedia smartphones consumers can buy, from the Snapdragon 865 processor to the 6.78in, 120Hz refresh rate, and the HDR10 + AMOLED screen. It has up to 12GB of fast LPDDR5 RAM, 5G connectivity, and Wi-Fi6. The OnePlus8 Pro (and the smaller OnePlus 8) also has two game modes. The first is Game Space, which improves CPU, GPU, and RAM performance when playing. Consumers can also choose to optimize graphics performance. In addition, OnePlus has partnered with the esports team Fnatic to create the Fnatic model, which is another step forward. The 4510mAh has a longer battery standby time for a full day, and fast charging is excellent because it can charge from 0 to 100% in an hour. The phone also features excellent design, waterproofing, excellent OxygenOS software, and a powerful camera. However, remember that the OnePlus 8 Pro has a curved screen that makes the game more awkward to hold than a "flat" screen phone like the ROG Phone 2.

4: Nubia Red Magic 5G


Nubia Red Magic 5G is a laser-focused gaming smartphone whose best features are focused on gaming fun, not cameras or software. If consumers don't want to pay for the Asus ROG Phone 2, it's a good gaming phone. It features a Snapdragon 865 processor and 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM, 5G connectivity, and a 6.65in AMOLED screen (with a powerful 144Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling). Like the ROG Phone 2, its flatness makes the handheld phone more comfortable and it has two programmable shoulder trigger buttons. Inside, there is a fan-based liquid cooling system to ensure that your phone does not overheat, stereo speakers are loud and clear, and an excellent tactile feedback system. Red Magic's Gaming Space adds performance enhancements, screen recorders, fan controls, and other game-specific adjustments in one place. At $579, it's much cheaper than all the other phones we've listed, but still has many of the same features and technologies.


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