Top hair care tips

To keep your hair beautiful and healthy, you need to give it the right care. You can find practical tips in our article.

Use an air conditioner

Hair conditioner is an obligatory companion of shampoo. Its main function is to create a protective film around each hair. This makes the hair less prone to damage. They are also easy to comb out, do not suffer much from hot irons and hair dryers, and retain moisture well.

Beauty experts recommend choosing Lakme conditioner, which has an express effect on the hair. The main advantages of the product include:

gives your hair a healthy shine;

has a pleasant fragrance;

restores damaged parts of the hair.

The result of the conditioner can be noticed immediately after use. Hair becomes smooth and shiny.

Wash your hair regularly

You should not wash your hair too often, nor should you walk around with a dirty head for many days. It is necessary to work out the most comfortable washing schedule and stick to it strictly. Then hair will stay clean and well-groomed.

Use quality paint

Cheap hair dye can damage the hair structure. As a result, it will require a long restoration, and in some neglected cases, even a haircut.

To avoid the worst consequences, it is necessary to use quality paint. Lakme paint is the perfect solution, it is proven to be safe and effective.

Clean your scalp thoroughly

Not only do you need to keep your hair clean, but also your scalp. In the process of life on it accumulates dirt, grease, dead cells, which must be removed. For this purpose, you need to peel your head once or twice a week. It is also an excellent prevention of dandruff.

Follow a special diet

The condition of our hair is directly influenced by internal processes occurring in our body. To make your hair grow well, be strong, thick and healthy, you need to add certain foods to your diet. First of all they are red meat, berries, bitter chocolate, garlic, fatty fish. In general, the diet should be correct, healthy and balanced.

Use a balm

Hair balm is a supplemental hair care product. It is designed to restore and revitalize them. The product saturates the follicles with nutrients. Therefore, hair becomes strong, shiny and healthy.

When choosing balm at, you should take into account the type of hair. There are tools for normal, oily and dry hair. Each of them is aimed at solving a specific problem. For example, balm for oily hair normalizes the sebaceous glands. But balm for dry hair nourishes and moisturizes it.

Reduce the amount of styling

Hair dryers and irons negatively affect the condition of hair. Under the influence of high temperatures they are damaged, become dry and brittle. To keep them healthy, it is necessary to reduce the number of hairstyles. And if you can't do without a beautiful hairstyle, it is recommended to apply thermal protection to the curls.


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