Top Neural Networks: 7 Best Services

Today there are amazing and interesting innovations in the field of artificial intelligence. They completely change the usual idea of creativity. Let's consider 7 of the most interesting of them.

With their help, new horizons are opening up, which are aimed only at helping a person. For example, there are services with the help of which images are animated, voiced or basically generated. Let's take a look at the top 7 best neural networks presented today.

№1. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is an improved version of the original DALL-E neural network created by OpenAI. The developers of the latter introduced it to the world in the spring of 2022.

The service is capable of: 

  • realize unique images based on text descriptions (in English);
  • create fantastic and impressive visual interpretations that were previously difficult to imagine;
  • add objects and make other changes;
  • realize several similar images at once based on the original;
  • enhance an image by expanding its initial characteristics.

№2. Gnod

Gnod (Global Network of Discovery) is an AI-based recommendation system. It was created by German developer Marek Gibney. In his opinion, Gnod is able to "communicate" with each user, which helps it understand the general picture of this person's world. 

The principle of the service is to use neural networks to provide recommendations and hints in various areas such as music, books, movies and other art forms. It analyzes the user's preferences and suggests the best or at least relevant content. For example, this could be new artists selected based on available interests.

They're definitely worth playing around with at your leisure.

The service is able to advise:

  • Music artists - Music;
  • writers - Literature;
  • artists - Art;
  • Movies.

It also analyzes and compares search queries in Gnod Search.

№3. Imaginary Soundscape

Imaginary Soundscape is a neural network presented in 2018 by a team of scientists from the University of Tokyo. It generates realistic soundscapes using neural networks. It allows users to create realistic sound effects and atmospheres for various projects such as movies, games or music compositions. It can be used to take you on an exciting journey through Google Street View, accompanied by amazing musical accompaniment.

The service is capable of:

  • voice images;
  • create a unique music composition for moving around the Maps.

№4. ThisPersonDoesNotExist

ThisPersonDoesNotExist uses deep learning to create realistic portraits of people who don't actually exist. The neural network generates unique faces that look like they are real. This has already created a buzz in the world and has caused a lot of problems in online dating issues.

Neuronics is more intimidating than it makes life easier. But if you use it for good, it can come in handy.

The service is capable of: 

  • generate animal and human faces every few seconds;
  • create a chemical lattice.

№5. GauGAN

GauGAN, developed by NVIDIA, allows users to transform rough sketches into photorealistic images using a generative neural network. The first version appeared back in 2019, while the second version will be available in 2021. The service allows users to create impressive landscapes, scenes, and even objects by simply drawing them on the screen.

In order for the neural network to turn out to be of real quality, it was trained on about 10,000,000,000 nature photos.  

The service is able to:

  • generate images based on the user's sketch;
  • create pictures based on text queries.

№6. Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia uses deep learning to bring old photos and portraits to life, adding movement and emotional expression. This allows past moments to be recreated and brought to life, and seen in a new light.

Since its launch in early 2021, the total amount of images animated with it has exceeded 106 million.

The service is able to:

  • revitalize a photo;
  • improve image quality.

№7. Sketch Metademolab

Google's Sketch Metademolab allows users to create interactive sketches and children's drawings using the power of neural networks. The service offers innovative tools and methods that allow users to explore creative possibilities in digital art.

This is the final service of our rating, developed by Meta. It is not only good and absolutely free. 

The service is able to:

  • animate photos;
  • animate images.

As you can see, the rating is filled with cool services. Try to use each of them.


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