Top promising cryptocurrencies for 2022

Promising projects gaining popularity

Polygon (MATIC).

This is a Tier 2 cryptocurrency for Ethereum decentralised application platforms. Polygon is a promising blockchain ecosystem designed to develop infrastructure and help the Ethereum network scale. 


Matic Network and the Polygon token also offered a Layer 2 solution - moving transactions directly on the Ethereum network to another coin platform. This allowed the Matic Network to achieve 7,200 transactions per second (TPS). In comparison, Ethereum's throughput does not exceed 15 transactions per second.


In 2021, the network was rebranded as Polygon. But in addition to the new name, it has new features. It is now a platform for creating interconnected blockchain networks. In other words, with Polygon, anyone can write their own blockchain for any purpose. In the future, Polygon will be the basis for web3 networks. 


Loopring (LRC).

A promising cryptocurrency of the decentralised exchange of the same name. To make DEX more scalable and reduce fees, ZK accumulation packages are used.


Loopring gives DEX the choice of storing transactions on or off-chain at any point in time. This on-chain data availability (OCDA) combined with ring miners and order rings provides greater scalability for DEX. Loopring autonomous storage provides 16,400 transactions per second (TPS). 


Chainlink (CLNK)

It is the digital currency of the decentralised Oracle programming network. Chainlink aims to solve the problem of securely connecting smart contracts to real events. Smart contracts are pieces of code that embody a given business logic (such as when to pay interest on loans).


New cryptocurrencies

There are 2 projects that are new and have good prospects.



This is a management token for the STEPN project, a game that works on a "move to earn" basis. At the time of writing (May 2022), the token is valued at $838 million. The game has more than 200 million participants worldwide.


GMT, the platform's token is used for intra-gaming pool settlements, allowing it to earn around $40-100 per day on the go. In fact, it is a mobile version of an online crypto mining farm.


The STEPN blockchain network also has a Green Satoshi token (GST). GMT differs from GST in that its maximum supply is limited to 6 billion units. The entire STEPN project economy is based on the balance of supply and demand for these two tokens.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche, a cryptocurrency project created in late 2020, has become a successful startup and now trades on top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. The creators are Ava Labs, based in Singapore. The developers set out to create a blockchain platform that combines all the strengths and reliability of the Etherium ecosystem, while at the same time working orders of magnitude faster.


AVAX cryptocurrency is a native token of the Avalanche network, although developer clients can issue their own coins in unique custom blockchain networks and ecosystems. It is possible to create any NFT token or cryptocurrency wallet according to the required specification.


AVAX's issuance volume is 720 million tokens. 51% of them are created (automatically generated) using blockchain-genesis. However, as with the Ethereum network, minimal fees in the Avalanche network gradually reduce the total number of tokens. The option of automatic negative issuance (deflationary operator) is provided.


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