Top rated Horror movies

. Ghosts in Connecticut, 2009, USA, Canada, UK


A family of several is forced to move to a new home closer to the clinic where their son Matt is being treated for cancer. Already financially and mentally strained, they discover that the house holds dark secrets. One of the side effects of the therapy is the patient's ability to see strange things, but Matt not only sees ghosts, he also begins to behave strangely.


2 Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse, 2004, France, Italy, UK


The inhabitants of an ancient monastery approach the police with a shocking report - a man has been found buried alive in a newly repaired wall. Commissioner Nieman and his apprentice Reda begin an investigation and soon find out that they are facing the first, but far from the last brutal murder of members of a small Christian sect.


3. The Stepford Wives, 2004, USA


Surviving a nervous breakdown, television executive Joanna Eberhart moves with her husband Walter to the town of Stepford, Connecticut, to be away from the stresses of the big city. This little corner of paradise seems perfect at first glance. But soon Joanna and her new friend Bobby notice something unsettling about the seeming serenity. And the local housewives behave too suspiciously: all equally friendly, well-groomed and boring.


4. Harvest, 2007, USA.


Catherine Winter, a former zealous Christian who now believes only in the scientific method, successfully investigates "divine miracles" in different parts of the world one after another. But the main test of her true faith is yet to come: together with her partner, she goes to the American town of Haven, whose inhabitants are convinced that ten Egyptian executions have been sent upon them...


5. Report 2, 2009, Spain

A SWAT team along with a medical officer infiltrate a house that has become the epicenter of a spreading contagion that turns people into insane flesh eaters...


6. Urban Legends, 1998, USA, Canada                                                    

 A quiet college town is rocked by a series of bloody murders committed with unprecedented brutality. The police are at a loss, since there's nothing in common between these brutal crimes. However, student Nathalie has managed to discover a terrifying connection. At first glance, it seems unbelievable: in each murder, urban legends come to life, frightening stories from modern folklore passed down by word of mouth. Neither her teachers nor her friends believe the girl and become the next victims of a mysterious killer.


7. Mothman, 2001, USA Two years after his wife's tragic death, journalist John Kline finds himself in a small West Virginia town. Amazing stories of local residents who have seen a strange creature that appears to people in the twilight of the night and becomes the harbinger of monstrous tragedies, resembling a giant moth-man, force him to begin his own investigation, which yields completely unexpected results...


8. Gotcha!, 2009, UK Seven friends, most of whom do not have a relationship with the fair sex, go to the remote village of Moodley, where one of the buddies' grandmother lives. He promises the company a fun vacation, and most importantly, the pleasant company of single girls, of which there are plenty in Moodley and who will be very happy to see the visiting men. Grandma's grandson is right, but only partly: the women are indeed happy to see their friends, but for a completely different reason. A mysterious virus has turned the local ladies into bloodthirsty zombies, about to enjoy eating their guests.


9. Shelter, 2011, USA A man tormented by apocalyptic visions is trying to figure out whether to protect his family from an approaching storm or himself.


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