Top Three Sites that Pay You to Write Articles on the Internet

Are you seeking article writing websites to help you make money online? Article writing as a freelancer allows you to work from home. Every day, new jobs for article writers are added to the site. We make a living providing article writing services and have discovered that knowing where to look for writing jobs online is half the battle won.

Perhaps you've wanted to try your hand at writing and publishing your articles online but aren't sure where to begin.



It can be incredibly fulfilling to be able to write and make money online. You have the option of working with the clients or websites that most interest you.

Because employers themselves list current jobs on freelancing job platforms, you'll find them quite useful. All you have to do is register as a writer and begin exploring job postings.


Improving Your Writing Ability


There is a slew of additional legitimate internet money-making opportunities for freelance writers. However, you must possess the necessary talents to be chosen from a big pool of applicants. As a result, it's critical to improve your writing talents and cultivate a positive attitude toward the trade by exploring all options.

Improving your writing knowledge and talents can help you make money, and it can even be a reliable source of income. Consider the following suggestions for improving your writing skills so that you can acquire high-paying writing jobs online:


Keep Up With The Latest Trends:


Writing is a never-ending adventure, which necessitates a strong desire to enhance your abilities. Search engine optimization (SEO), for example, is generating material to rank in search engines. This is particularly critical for an SEO firm or an Adwords consultant.


You can become competitive and be hired as an SEO writer by learning how to optimize material utilizing SEO concepts, such as choosing the proper keywords and links.


Get to Know Other Writers:


Meet other writers by participating in social media writers' forums or organizations. These associations can also assist you in locating work opportunities. Because a writer introduced you to one of their clients, you might be shocked to be hired at the moment. You'll get some expert advice on which websites provide writing jobs that pay well. : Earn upto $2000 per month by writing articles. Signup Now.!!


Short Courses in Writing:


Take advantage of free online writing short courses contributed by authors and specialists in the subject, such as professors. Even if you are a native English speaker, outstanding content requires not only solid grammar and spelling but also unique and well-organized thoughts to effectively communicate your message to the article's intended audience.

As a freelance article writer, you may work at your speed, determine your pricing (as demand for your writing develops), and earn a consistent income.

Here are ten sites where you may get paid to write your articles if you want to make money writing online for others.


Women who write for a living: $50-$100


Wow, Women on Writing excels at one thing: caring about female authors, encouraging them, and seeking out chances for aspiring freelancers. Their audience is diverse, but they are all dedicated to creating high-quality material for women.

Wow, Women focus on new business ideas, freelance work, and training. The articles are usually in-depth and intended to assist writers in honing their talents and showcasing their work. You can request payment via Paypal or, if you're in the United States, via check.


What should you do first?


Reading other Wow Articles is a good place to start. You'll want to get a sense of the site's tone. The site is knowledgeable, laid-back, and enthusiastic about exposing excellent writers.

Make sure you're not merely copying and pasting their content or repurposing an outdated concept. Be inventive.

A 3,000-word feature piece can earn you up to $150.00.

Concentrate on becoming useful. How will your article benefit readers?

Readers seek practical, actionable guidance with easy-to-follow instructions.

Wow, Women is a monthly magazine that focuses on women, writers, and a monthly theme. I'm not sure what they offer in far of a connection back to your content in the articles, although your Author profile does include a link to your site.

Wow, Women is a monthly magazine that focuses on women, writers, and a monthly theme. I'm not sure what they offer in far of a connection back to your content in the articles, although your Author profile does include a link to your site.

They do not open attachments, so keep that in mind. In the email's body, your article or pitch must be given in the plain text. Sending a bio or a link to previously published work is a smart approach that will help you get published.


Strong Whispers is priced between $50 to $150.

Strong Whispers publishes a variety of articles on topics such as lifestyle, the environment, and other social issues. The selection is extensive. You have no restrictions on how much you can contribute.


Articles can cover a wide range of topics, from corporate greed to education reform or a shift in global leadership to empowering citizens to govern and make decisions about how we treat the environment and exploit natural resources.


What should you do first?


Piece remuneration varies, but it usually ranges from $50 to $150 for each published article. They are willing to pay more for quality content, and the website plans to publish 2-3 guest posts per month.


Step 1: Send them your best outline for an article you'd like to write, as well as an estimate of your price. Topics must be one-of-a-kind and have a significant impact.

They also want you to offer them the URL to your current blog or a link to your published work so they can get a sense of your writing style. They'll let you know if they're interested in the topic and if your sample fits their review standards.


Step 2: Write your piece and submit it for evaluation after you've been invited to write for them. They will not publish mediocre or average guest blogs.

Each article must be well-written, accurate, grammatically correct, and contain unique information. You will be able to see their rules so that you can certain that you have checked all of the boxes.


Step 3: Your article will be reviewed after you submit it online. Following your evaluation, you will receive one of three emails:


Rejected because of poor quality.

Minor adjustments are required.


It will be set to publish either immediately or at a later date if it is approved. You'll be paid by PayPal once you've put it to publish, and you'll be able to start making money online.


$100 – $750 Link-Able


Link-Able is an excellent option for high-quality authors to make money by writing for a variety of clients and sectors. Link-Able connects businesses searching for mentions, links, and traffic to their websites with authors who can publish on relevant sites.

Jay Douglas founded Link-Able, which gives competitive pricing based on the sites you have authorship on – or can successfully pitch to. Business, finance, marketing, health, sport, technology, retail, and other specializations are among them.

Note that the site will normally only accept authors who are native English speakers and have a track record of producing high-quality English-language content.

The platform is straightforward and straightforward to use. Once you've been approved as an author, all you have to do now is go through the available writing jobs and apply.


What should you do first?


Create an Author account and select your field of expertise.

Browse writing jobs once you've been approved.

Carefully read the job description. Recommend a website or websites where you may write a topic for your post.

If you obtain the job, all you have to do is write, publish, and be paid – it's that simple!

A simple tip: If you limit your areas of knowledge to only those things you are passionate about, you will have more success.


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