Top ten 10 books that will change your life

Hello, friends every one want to succeed in their life, these books can help you to change your life beautiful,and makes you to succeed in your life these books are my personal favourite and most popular books that every one need to read once in their life time


10. Attitude is everything

Attitude is Everything is a book witten by Jeffkeller published in 1999 and is based on Jeff Keller's journey of being a motivational speaker.


This novel is divided into three parts, Success Begins in the Mind, Watch Your Words, and Heaven Helps Those Who Act.


The foremost objective of the book is to make you believe that you can achieve anything you desire.


Positive thinking and useful visualization ability shift things in our favor, but if we continuously welcome negativity in our life, it will absorb all the great stuff.



 After decades of research, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., discovered a simple but groundbreaking idea: the power of mindset.published in 2006

The updated edition of the book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset.


Thisbook is an eye-opener and really inspiring to each and every reader. This book has some really good moral stories for understanding and good content to show example of living a good life.


Must be read by everyone who has a fixed mindset.


8.How to stop worrying and start living

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is written by by Dale Carnegie. It was first printed in Great Britain in 1948 by Richard Clay


undoubtedly, this is the most helpful book that I have read my whole life. I still got some few more chapters of it to digest though.


It is presently helping to deal with my present life troubles. I feel safer about life now and have more clearer view about who I am. 


7.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1989, is a business and self-help book written by Stephen R. Covey.


This book explains 7 principles that make a person more effective personally and professionally.

Covey shows how a principle-centered, character-based life helps you build the healthy relationships that are key to an effective life. This classic is well worth reading for its perspective and practical advice.


6.The power of now

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a book by Eckhart Tolle. published in 1997


“The Power of Now” is a spiritual self-help guide to help us discover our true Being, release our pain and find deep inner peace. When we are intensely present in the Now, we respond from deep consciousness and flow with ease and joy in life


Theonly warning I have is that it can be difficult to read if you're unfamiliar with reading books on spirituality and enlightenment. Some of the stuff can be difficult to grasp, but it will sink in and it is definitely worth it.


5.Rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. 


Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads—his real father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad)—and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing.


You don't need to earn a high income to be rich. Rich people make money work for them.


The book is really easy to understand and to read, the message Robert gives is good and can help you change your mindset to be more financially independent.


It is a book which taught me the thought process of poor and middle class people where I belong, which laid foundation towards progress of my thoughts about financial wisdom.


I was very intrigued about tax system and determined to read more about taxes and shocked about poor and middle class people who will pay more taxes than rich.


Detailed description about difference between assets and liabilities was best part and how to develop your asset column by investing in yourself to escape from rat race and retire early and let assets will make money for you was where I got interested.


4.The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho that was first published in 1988. , it became a widely translated international bestseller. 


The constant theme in The Alchemist is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires. During the young boy's journey, he learns to listen to the heart and to follow the language of omens.


With each passing obstacle and hurdle that the young boy encounters, there is a lesson to learn.


This book is really one of a kind. Work by someone who is known for his novels so far is really unimaginable.


This is really a begginers book as the language is simple and easy to understand thus producing a vibe about reading more of its kind. This book focusses on people eho are lost in this materialistic world and deviated from there dreams which they which they could persue when they were you.


Due to financial and social pressure , they ought to take up some job and earn money for there life long, thus forgetting about there ultimate goal which there heart wants them to persue. this book provides about a way to work for whats written in our destiny and when we are poutting 100% in persuing the path towards our destiny, then whole world come together to realise our destiny.


3.Think and grow rich

Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book


Everyone is gotta read this book at least before they leave earth. we suffer when solutions have always been right there with us.


what i personally love about think and grow rich is that, its more than its title and suitable for persons of all ages and agendas be it you looking for riches or not.


Nothing can truly change in our lives if our minds do not change. in this book napoleon help us rewire our thinking and perceptions over again into producing a brain that is always capable and rids us of all the in-capacities we thought we had.


Reading this book will not only help your finances but your life as a whole : its your academics your career your spiritual life your family your dream and will also help you discover your purpose in life. 


I got mine while reading this book, really put the infinite mind to use, all thanks to the insights the author of this book placed.


2.How to win friends and influence people

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie, published in 1936, it one of the best-selling books of all time.


In 2011, it was number 19 on Time Magazine's list of the 100 most influential books


The book is very easy to read and provides great examples and stories which makes you easier to relate to and remember.


There are books which you finish in hours, there are books which take even some days, and then there are books which take months to complete. I started this one around the latter half of last year and got to finish this one today.


Millions of people have read it already, and hundreds of thousands of people have reviewed it before. It's hard to contemplate that I would be able to write anything that's not been written before, but here's a try...


From a management perspective, this book is pure gold. And I can say this because, throughout the months that I invested in reading it, I actually applied many principles at and saw the results visibly. Even though this book was written a century ago, and most of the political examples look like just stories without much context, the principles are still relevant in today's time as much as any time before.


1.The power of your subconscious mind

The power of your subconscious mind is written by Joseph murphy and published in the year 1963


As the title of the book suggests, it promises to be an insightful look into powers beyond the scope of our daily prowess.


There is a lot of information imparted in the book, which is divided into sections, and the theories grow in their complexity as you near the end. It’s easy to follow the examples stated in the book that act as vivid similes to break down complex statements. 


At times, it can also be read like a self-help book for those who lack the motivation to push through their defenses and will their thoughts into actions.


That makes total sense because we can be one of the biggest obstacles in our path due to personal prejudices whether we like to address them or not.


This is not a new book, in fact, it first hit bookshelves back in 1963 but the wisdom holds true even six decades later. 


So these are the top 10 books that can change your life ,every person should read them atleast once in their life time ,I hope this article useful for you


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