Toyota Land Cruiser 300

The year 2021 is a special landmark year for the Toyota brand and for the automotive community as a whole. After all, 70 years ago a car appeared, without which it is difficult to imagine the world of off-road vehicles. By the way, the model still sets certain trends and trends in the world of off-road vehicles with all-wheel drive. The former Toyota Land Cruiser 200-series was produced for almost 14 years and became the most mass-produced large Land Cruiser. Therefore, car enthusiasts have been waiting for the novelty, and for sure many want to know how the flagship Cruiser has changed. Has it become worse, more glamorous or has it lost its key qualities? We shall try to answer these questions in this article.


Originally there were only two options for Land Cruiser 300: middle Comfort Plus and anniversary series, timed to seventieth anniversary of the model (by the way, now there is new top version GR Sport). But you can hardly find a base Elegance. The Comfort Plus version has better flotation due to tucked bumpers, forced locking rear and front differentials, as well as more resilient suspension with an updated EKDSS system. The system now has three active anti-roll bar hydraulic locks with its own control unit. The jubilee version doesn't have all this and is focused on drivers who leave the asphalt less often.



Land Cruiser 300 interior

The interior has been left with real physical buttons for the most basic functions. This is cool, drivers are sure to appreciate. By the way, instead of uncomfortable "kernel" of cruise control now there is a full-fledged block on a steering wheel - a trifle, but also convenient. There is a projection display in front of your eyes, wireless charging appeared on the central tunnel, the left cupholder now has double bottom - also convenient. Instead of the usual handbrake there is an electro-mechanical system with Auto Hold function. There are two USB-connectors. By the way, there is a CD drive for communication with the multimedia unit, again for those who like to listen to music in good quality. In the glove compartment there is a Wi-Fi access point with Internet access. Thanks to the system, there is remote access to the car using the Toyota Connected Services application.


As for the multimedia, from the pluses we will note simplicity, that is, the structure of the menu and settings are familiar to Toyota owners: everything is simple and familiar. Secondly, the performance has been improved. Thirdly, there is Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and you can even use Yandex.Maps, but only by subscription. The only disadvantages, perhaps, are the outdated graphics, as well as the not very smooth font. This Japanese needs more and more work. And the final innovation is the new instrument cluster and now the button Start-Stop connected with it. And it is connected with appearance of the scanner of fingerprints. Now the system is more focused not on safety, but, most likely, on comfort. In particular, thanks to a fingerprint the system recognizes the driver and adjusts a number of different secondary functions, including seats, audio system settings and so on. And to start and access the car you still need a key and a key fob.


For second-row passengers there is a more human armrest, located in a more comfortable place than before. All other changes concern the back of the central armrest box. Firstly, thanks to a special button the person sitting in the back can now easily get something out of the refrigerator. There are also two USB-sockets, but of Type-C format and three-position ventilation of seats, as well as heating. And, besides ventilation, there is a climate control for seats, which is based on outside temperature readings. Thus, it can automatically either switch on heating or ventilation.


The main differences from the previous generation are

Infotainment system

But not everything about the new SUV is better, and the old owner of the previous 200 will notice that. In front, there is now only one serious sturdy lug, located on the right side. For example, the previous generation had two of them, although there are two transport lugs, besides the main power lug. The previous 200-ka had a separate button of headlight washer on the left side of a steering wheel. Now there is no button, so the expense of antifreeze in winter will be obviously higher. Earlier there was an eyewash on the ceiling - there was no problem with where to place this item. Now you have to put glasses wherever you have to.


Besides, the left side of the steering wheel of previous generation had a wonderful handle to adjust brightness of instrument panel's backlighting, now this function is in on-board computer's menu. There used to be two sun visors on the ceiling, now you have to make do with only one on each side. The refrigerator has become narrower, yes, it is still deep, but if you measure the distance, it will be less.


If a tall person with long knees sits behind you, you will notice at once that there is less space for legs. It's really a fact. By measuring with a tape measure, you can see that at least the leg room has been cut back. This is most likely due to the engineers' desire, firstly, to improved.


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