Tragedy at the Bolshoi Theater

During the performance of "Sadko" at the Bolshoi Theater on Saturday, October 9, 37-year-old actor Evgeny Kulesh died. Kulesh was pushing back the throne located on the stage, at the same time the set began to descend. The actor himself had to walk forward toward the auditorium.


Representative of the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow Yulia Ivanova said that the man died at the scene. The death of the actor has been confirmed in the Bolshoi Theater. Moscow Prosecutor's Office because of the incident began verification. Its progress and results are under control of the agency.


Because of the incident, the Moscow Investigative Committee held an inquiry, said Ivanova.


The theater press service has stressed that they provide all necessary assistance to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the performance of "Sadko," scheduled for October 10, has been canceled. The cost of the tickets purchased by the audience was promised to be refunded.


A video, showing the moment of emergency at the Bolshoi Theater, quickly spread all over the media and social networks. In the footage it can be seen that the change of construction went smoothly, it did not fall down. A source of 'Interfax' said that the actor who died hesitated and did not notice the ramp coming down from above. Allegedly, the man was shouted about it, but he did not hear, because it was noisy.


In turn, a colleague of the deceased (name withheld. - Ed.), who was on stage at the time of the tragedy, in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets said that the actor was indeed shouted "Step aside!". According to him, everything happened instantly and no one had time to understand anything. He also added that at each performance of the theater there is an ambulance on duty. According to the man, the rule was introduced more than a year ago, but even that did not help to save the artist - medics immediately stated death.


"The scenery there weighs probably ten tons," the interlocutor of "MK" clarified.


One of the spectators of the performance on her Facebook page described the events that took place that night.


"It was awful. We went to the Bolshoi Theater, sat in our seats... Suddenly, in the very first scene, when the scenery was being lowered and there was a pandemonium of actors and stage workers inside as the director had intended, the sorcerer [performer of the role. - Ed. note] shouted: "Medic! Ambulance quickly, the man hit under the scenery. The orchestra fell silent, the curtain fell," the woman shared.


According to her, the audience at first perceived what was happening as part of the director's plan, but immediately after the incident the intermission was declared. The woman learned about the actor's death from the security guard at the exit of the theater.


Another spectator also told Moscow 24 a similar version of events. "The performance was interrupted with the words: 'Stop! Stop! Call an ambulance. There's blood here!" At first we thought it was part of the play," the eyewitness shared.


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