Trauma and how to overcome it

Trauma and how to overcome it


Trauma is an exceptional psychological situation triggered by overwhelming events. These can be, for example, terrible acts of violence, wars or disasters that pose a threat to the life or physical integrity of the person affected. Not all traumatic events are outside normal human experience.

Road traffic accidents or even sports can also have a traumatizing effect on an individual.

Individuals who witness others dying or being seriously injured as a result of an accident, natural disaster, acts of war or criminal activity often react with intense fear, feelings of horror, helplessness or panic. But also acute like stress reactions as well as chronic post-traumatic stress disorders are often part of the consequences of an experienced trauma.

In order to overcome a trauma, it is important to first calm down and find safety. Here, it can be helpful to attach oneself to habits that have also calmed or relaxed one in the past.  For example, the people concerned can go for a walk in their familiar surroundings, read a book or do their usual sports. In addition, it is also helpful to talk about the events with a few familiar people. Here it is important that the selected people take their time to listen to the victim and do not make any accusations.

After the initial stages of trauma have been overcome, victims should try to remember positive events in their lives, especially the ones highlighting their successes.

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