Travelers were warned about a danger when dropping off luggage

Experts have warned tourists about one danger when you put your home address on the suitcase tag and check it in your luggage. The Sun newspaper reports that.

"Don't put [on the tags] where you live - it's evidence that the house is empty. If you don't leave your address, the likelihood of a robbery while you're away is reduced," explained the expert.

According to the author of the article, travelers should provide their work address and cell phone number in the field for information. "Almost everyone at the airport can see what is written on the tag of your bag, so limit yourself to the most necessary information," the article says.

Travelers were also advised to take a photo of their suitcase before the flight. "If you ever lose your luggage, you can give a picture to airport employees. Even if they don't speak your language, they'll have everything they need to find your bag," the experts said.

Earlier in September, an American tourist carried extra hand luggage in the cabin for free and revealed a way to bypass luggage rules. The girl showed how she folds personal items in a pillowcase, then fastens it, puts it on the suitcase and goes on board with it.


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