Treat and prevent stroke


Approximately 15 million people on the planet are affected by a disease such as stroke. Some people die immediately, and some become bedridden for life. And the main cause of stroke in humans is considered to be high blood pressure, that is, in a word, hypertension.

Stroke ranks 4th on the planet, among all existing diseases, in the number of deaths. And is considered a major factor in disability among people, of which more than 7, percent have reached 6, - 7, years.

Stroke is a disease characterized by an acute disruption of cerebral circulation. The brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients at this point, and this all leads to the death of the brain cells. It can be ischemic or hemorrhagic.

An ischemic stroke is a blood clot or thrombus that closes a blood vessel in the brain. This type of stroke occurs in 75 per cent of patients.

Hemorrhagic stroke - the integrity of vessels in the brain is compromised, that is, vessels simply burst and hemorrhage occurs. In this case, there is increased pressure on brain tissue, impairing its function.

The cause.

Obesity or overeating

diabetes mellitus

Prolonged use of various hormonal birth control pills

Various heart diseases.


Establishing a true diagnosis and identifying the exact location of stroke, make it possible to correctly choose a strategy for treating stroke, and even helps eliminate the most dangerous consequences. In addition to inspection and questioning of the patient, it is necessary to carry out with him special studies, check the brain, heart, as well as blood vessels. In such cases, it is carried out:

computer tomography



biochemical blood test


At the first symptoms of the disease, the first thing to do is to call a doctor immediately so as not to miss the beginning of the disease. The faster will be provided medical care, the faster the patient will be cured.

Treatment of ischemic stroke is focused on restoring blood flow to the patient's brain. It should be started after 3 hours from the beginning of the disease. Since timely treatment helps not only to survive, but also reduces the complications of the disease. Patients take medications that thin the blood and reduce the risk of stroke recurrence. They also undergo surgery to remove the clot or repair the damaged artery.

Treatment for hemorrhagic stroke focuses on getting the bleeding under control and reducing pressure on the brain. If the cause is the use of drugs that thin the blood, you need to stop taking them and start taking drugs with the opposite effect. And if there is a lot of bleeding, use surgery to remove the blood and relieve the pressure inside the skull.


This is a set of processes that aim to restore lost as well as weakened functions. Rehabilitation is done in several ways:

1. communicative damage therapy - impaired speech and speech comprehension are restored, and the ability to write and communicate is restored.

2. Strengthening or restoring all motor movements - exercises are done that aim to restore muscles and coordination of movement.

3. Training in the use of various mobility aids, such as crutches, wheelchair or cane.

4. Kinetotherapy - special exercises are used, which are aimed at decreasing muscle tension and eliminating their spasm, as well as strengthening and restoring them.

5. Robotics - this method forbids the patient to use a healthy arm, but only the sick one. In order to restore the work of the damaged muscles.


It is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors and lead a healthy lifestyle. One should give up smoking, always exercise, eat a healthy diet, eliminating foods that increase cholesterol and animal fats.


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