Truck With RTX 3000 Robbed

A truck containing EVGA's RTX 3000 graphics card was robbed in the United States, while traveling from San Francisco to Southern California. The graphics card was robbed on October 29 while it was being shipped to EVGA's Southern California distribution center, EVGA Product Manager Jacob Freeman revealed on the company's forums. Not much information has been disclosed by Freeman, because the investigation process is still ongoing.

So what graphics card is in the truck? According to Freeman, his truck contains an RTX 3000 from cheapest to most expensive. Namely the RTX 3060 which costs USD 329 to the RTX 3090 which costs USD 1959.

Oh yes, that is the official price of EVGA. Prices in the market are certainly much higher, at least twice as much for the United States market. Freeman did not reveal how many graphics cards were lost in the robbery. However, Freeman clearly warns that buying stolen products, in this case the RTX 3000, is a violation of the law based on local regulations, namely the California Penal Code 496(a). EVGA will also blacklist the serial number of the stolen graphics card so that users will not be able to register the graphics card on the EVGA website. This can also be used as a way to check whether a newly purchased graphics card is an official item or a stolen one. Among PC lovers, today's graphics cards are a valuable commodity. Ampere (RTX 3000) and RDNA2 (Radeon 6000) based graphics cards are currently increasingly expensive and increasingly difficult to find in the market. Even AMD GPU prices are almost back at their peak. This case of robbery or theft of the RTX 3000 is not the first time. Previously, MSI had a theft at its factory located in China last December. 40 containers containing RTX 3090 worth more than USD 330 thousand were lost in the theft. MSI suspects that there are insiders involved in this case.


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