Turkey accused Russia and the U.S. of failing to fulfill their obligations in Syria

Russia and the U.S. have not fulfilled their obligations to cleanse northern Syria of terrorists, so Ankara is ready to do everything on its own, said Turkish Foreign Minister. 

He called Moscow and Washington responsible for the Kurdish formations of the People's Self-Defense Forces in Syria attacking Turkey. "Both Russia and the U.S. should have redeployed these terrorists 30 kilometers south [of the Syrian-Turkish border]. Russia had to clear the cities of Manbij and Tell Rifat of them. Russia and the U.S. are responsible for the attacks [on Turkey]," he explained.

Earlier in October, the Turkish president said that Ankara was going to eliminate the terrorist threat in Syria on its own. He promised to take such steps because "the cup of patience is overflowing" due to the militants' attacks.


In late September, the Turkish and Russian presidents agreed to continue fighting terrorism in Idlib because extremists "may pose a threat and carry out aggressive offensives against the Syrian army.


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