Turns out cats aren't afraid of the water! They don't bathe for another reason

They don't bathe for another reason

Cats are ancient animals that most people adore. But not everyone knows why they don't like to bathe. Many believe these pets are afraid of the water, but this is not the case.

Live Science magazine reminded us why cats don't like water.

Why cats don't like bathing


If an animal locks up, they can not quickly and clearly defend themselves. Their fur gets wet very quickly and takes time to dry. Scientists believe that cats always try to be prepared for an emergency situation and keep themselves in shape.

Ears and water

As cats' ear canals are very deep, it is difficult for them to get rid of internal moisture. Established water can be the cause of the disease. Cats sense this and minimise contact with water.

Unpleasant smelling water

Cats have an excellent sense of smell According to scientists, the sense of smell in cats is 14 times better than in humans. The water in our homes is purified of a large number of chemicals. It is possible that some of them do not pay for it and try to do everything possible so that they do not get on their bodies.

There is not a lot of good news. Cats have been found to be fond of bathing. Some of the water-lovers are Maine Coonies. This is the largest breed of house cats.

Maine Coons love to bathe


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