TWICE unveil dreamy teaser for upcoming ‘Scientist’ music video

TWICE have unveiled the first teaser for the upcoming music video of ‘Scientist’, the title track of their third full-length album ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’.

In the teaser, the group are hard at work in the “TWICE Love Lab”, which was originally featured in the opening trailer for ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’. The clip ends with a large egg in the middle of the lab cracking open, alongside a shot of the nine-member group holding hands and running around in a circle.

Earlier this week, TWICE nveiled an “album sneak peek” video that features 20-second snippets of all 17 songs from their forthcoming record ’Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’, which is set to arrive on November 12 at 2pm KST/12am EST.


The album will also feature three “unit” tracks, each sung by three members of the group. Jihyo, Sana and Dahyun take on the upbeat and cheeky ‘Push & Pull’, while Nayeon, Momo and Chaeyoung’s vocals take centre stage on the laidback ‘Hello’. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon, Mina and Tzuyu team up on the Latin pop-inspired dance track ‘1, 3, 2.’


Additionally, ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’ is set to include the girl group’s recent English-language single ‘The Feels’ as well as its Korean-language version. The digital version of the record will also feature a remix of lead single ‘Scientist’ in collaboration with Moroccan-Dutch producer DJ R3HAB.

Although she was featured in a teaser clip of ‘Scientist’ on TikTok, it is currently unknown if member Jeongyeon, who was notably absent from the album’s “opening trailer”, will be involved in promotional activities for ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’. The vocalist has been on hiatus from group activities since August, due symptoms of “panic and psychological anxiety”.


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