Two powerful ways of shedding those extra fat within few days...!!

Shedding weight within few months and that too without exercise is a big thing to do. In this fast world where every second person is obese and there are so many diaseses in every young person, its very useful to knows the ways how to reduce your weight within few days that too without exercise.

You absolutely can shed those extra kilos most conveniently if you have that power to follow what I will tell you next.

At first you have to measure your BMI and find out atleast how many kpounds or kilos you have to shed in order to reach the safe zone of fitness.

If you find that you are atleast 10, 20 or 30 kgs overweight, then what I will tell you next will exactly solve your problem.

The very first thingg you need to do is to go for liquid ddiet . Like you can have any kind of soup . Fish soup, vegetabkle soup, mmushroom soup or evebn chicken soup. .You can have any numbvber of times this soup. At the beginning you can have soup any number of times, gradually after few days try to increase the gap between the meals. Remember you can have only liquid for your meal. You can have fruit juice, curdwater, soup, dal-water. Coconut water. This kind of diet. 

Give a considerable amount of time to reduce your weight. You can reduce 10to 15 kgs within 2 months I assure you.

The next way is to go for boiled food diet. You cannot cook with masala, oil, sugar or saly. What you can do is have some vegetable with some sprinkle of oil and a tinge of black pepper and red salt. Thats it. You have to eat this whever you feel hungry. As an alternative you can have vegetable daal, boiled egg, boiled fish and 2 pieces of boiled chicken only. You can have fish, meat or egg only once in the entire day. 

In this process also you have to gradually try to reduce the gap between each meal. If you can follow this diet you can surely reduce your weight to a considerable level.

But one thing, you have to eat your food extremely slowly and completely chew your food. Bite atleast 30 times each gulp of food you take in one turn.

Another very important poinrt is that. many people have too much weight with many illness like pressure, diabetise, thyroid, heart issues, cholesterol and other diseases. Many people have hormonal and psychological issues also. In that case. its very very important to consult your regular doctor before you follow this diet. Do not ever try to follow this kind of diet just because you want to reduce weight. You need to follow the diet which your doctor tells you in case you have any of the above diseeses. 

If you follow tis diet which I have told you then check your fitness first and then go for it, or else it would have more bad effect then good ones.

So think properly and take the best decision for yourself. Before everything you need to be fit, so first do your medication and then go for the diet plans...!!


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