Types Of Competitions In The World Of Sport

The competition is nothing but held with the intention of determining who wins and who loses. The competition is characterized by prizes offered by the provider in a certain form. Whether it's money or goods. There are many competitions that have been held from year to year. For example in the world of sports. Exercise is the movement of hands and feet that are useful for physical health. Such as running, jumping, and push ups.  Exercise can sometimes cause injury. However, it is an easy thing to do. The following are examples of competitions in the world of sports:

A. Horse Racing Competition

Texas is a city where horse racing is usually held. In some parts of the Texas area many horse farms are set up. Where the majority of them are rural people. In horse racing. People choose the best horse before running the race. Because horses are fast animals. Horses are often a fast-paced competition. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line the earliest. Falling is a fatal mistake that can cause participants to fall far behind.  Therefore, players must really be trained to maintain balance.

B. Javelin Competition

Not all wood can be used for javelin competitions. The javelin must be light, strong, and flexible. In China, javelin competitions are often held. There are two categories, namely javelin throwing and javelin jumping.  For the javelin throwing competition. Players must have strong muscles and a flexible body before playing. The rule is how far the javelin can be thrown. Although it looks very easy. Sometimes disasters like sprain can happen. While the javelin jump competition.  Requires the player to have a flexible body. The rule is that people must be able to jump as far as possible to reach the specified position. To prevent danger when falling players must use safety equipment.

C. Skateboard Competition

You may have played the sims game. Skateboard is a small board mounted 4 wheels under it. People should maintain body balance when using a skateboard. Often in England, skateboarding competitions are held. Besides who is the fastest gliding. Skateboard competitions are also accompanied by technical gains. Such as twisting in the air, walking on long thin boards, and avoiding moving objects during walking. Certain mistakes can lead to fractures.

D. Arrow Competition

The arrow is actually a prehistoric heritage. Arrows are often used to hunt animals in the wild. Often in Taiwan.  Arrows are made into a race. The only goal is to shoot properly to hit the target. If the arrow reaches a point in the middle of the board, the player wins. Only those who have focus and dexterity. Can win the race.

E. Golf Competition

Golf is a sport that is popular in America. How to play it is to hit a small ball with a bat.  In a golf ball race. The highest scorer is the one who can put the ball into the hole above the meadow. Because people have to be observant to see the small ball when airborne. The race can not be followed by myopic eyes.

F. Baseball Competition

In Japan there are often baseball competitions. Baseball is the name for a ball that is hit in the air with a special bat. Then the catcher tries to catch the ball. This game is decided by two people. The hitter and the catcher. Both of them must be able to achieve the target.

G. Billiards Competition

Las vegas is one of the places where billiard competitions are often held. The rule is that you can enter a number of balls into the 4 corners of the holes on the board. Usually there are 8 balls. 1 is the white ball as the main ball. Players must be good at determining how fast the ball is shot in order to put another ball into the hole except the white ball. When the white ball enters the player changes.

Although sports competitions require quite a long practice. But it never hurts you to try. What you need to pay attention to is maintaining stamina so that injuries do not come accidentally.


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