Types of recreation in Russia

Welcome to Russia, the largest country in the world!

It stretches from west to east over millions of square kilometers, covers 9 time zones and 2 parts of the world, borders 18 countries, and has become home to over 100 nationalities.

Russia's vast territory and geographic location have ensured its world domination. Nature, culture, history and traditions of Russia are unique - it is impossible to speak about them without admiration and superiority.

The official language of the Russian Federation is Russian.

The monetary unit is the Russian ruble.


Types of recreation in Russia

In terms of types of recreation in different seasons, Russia is a record-breaker. Four climatic zones offer great opportunities for tourists: beaches in summer, mountains in winter and spring, swimming pools all year round. Excursions, active and eco vacations in Russia are presented by so many proposals that the most important task is to choose. And the unique natural springs of Russia, rich in minerals and salts and presented throughout the territory, contributed to the birth and development of health recreation. Today the level and quality of medical care in health resorts in Russia is not inferior to European.

Where and at what time to vacation in Russia, weather prompts: the average temperature in winter can range from +6 to -50 ° C, depending on the region, and in summer - from +1 to +30 ° C. In the southern regions the temperature rises above +40C° in summer.

You can cover the distances in Russia by any means: by plane, ship, ferry, by comfortable trains of different distances, by car and even by bicycle. And the biggest advantage of traveling across the vast Russia - the ability to travel without language barriers, visa hassles and exhausting customs checks!


Excursion vacation

Russia is a country with centuries of rich history. Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, large regional centers, Golden Ring cities, small settlements and even villages keep historical and cultural monuments.

The record-breakers in the number of attractions are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. They are worthy of multiple visits and at different times of the year. But the smaller cities of Russia are not inferior in beauty and richness of the excursion programs - they have their own energy and atmosphere.

Deserve attention and visit: Vladimir, Suzdal, Great Novgorod, Vologda, Valaam, Great Ustyug, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Sergiev Posad, Pskov, Moscow Region, Sochi and other cities. Baikal and its surroundings, Kamchatka, Altai, cities and monuments of Karelia are so unique that they should be with every traveler's plan.

Architecture in Russian cities is a symbiosis of different cultures of the world with national traditions of wooden architecture. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Savior on Blood, Assumption, Annunciation and St. Isaac's Cathedrals, Winter Palace, Peterhof, Kazan Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin - thousands of the greatest cultural monuments in Russia are open to visit.


Beach Holiday

Warm up enough in the sun, enjoying the sea breeze and warm water, you can also in Russia. Subtropical climate with a touch of the Mediterranean is represented on the Black Sea in Krasnodar region. Fans of sea beaches can not but rejoice in these figures: the coastline of the Black Sea is 400-450 km, about 145 of them - the coast of Greater Sochi, and the so-called "Russian Riviera" in Sochi - 118 km.

Along the Black Sea coast there are resort towns with developed tourist infrastructure: Sochi, Adler, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Alushta and others. Not far from the sea in the Krasnodar Territory there are children's camps, health resorts and sanatoriums.

The resort towns offer a variety of accommodation, entertainment and services. Beaches of the Black Sea pebble, there are areas with sandy embankment, there are private closed areas. A quieter rest is presented in small villages or in the Azov direction.

But not only the Black Sea can be refreshing on a hot summer day in Russia. Numerous recreation centers and tourist complexes on the shores of lakes, shaded by birches, fragrant pines and firs offer a cozy holiday with good food, sports and animation. Covered reservoirs are equipped for bathing and regularly cleaned. As the saying goes, better to see once than hear a hundred times. We invite you on a virtual walk on the Baltic Sea.



The vast territory of Russia with rich flora and fauna is the largest source of healing mineral springs. On their basis, built resorts, health centers, eco-hotels and health centers. The uniqueness of each facility lies in the composition of spring substances. They determine the specialization of an establishment, since additional procedures with the use of healing waters encourage faster recovery.

Therapeutic resorts in Russia are situated in the Krasnodar Territory, in Karelia, near Moscow, in the Caucasus and Altai. Mineral waters with sodium chloride, sulphate, calcium chloride, rich in iron, zinc and other minerals, as well as therapeutic muds are used for various therapeutic


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