U.S. destroyer attempted to violate Russian border

The US destroyer USS Chafee attempted to violate the Russian border in the Sea of Japan

A US destroyer attempted to violate Russia's state border in the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Fleet's large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs prevented the violation, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It is reported that the US Navy destroyer Chafee (DDG 90), which has been in the Sea of Japan for several days, approached Russian territorial waters around 5 p.m. local time on October 15 and "attempted to cross the state border."

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"Admiral Tributs", which was in the area, warned the foreign ship about the inadmissibility of such actions through the international communication channel. It is added that the American ship was also notified that it was in an area closed to navigation due to "artillery firing in the framework of the joint Russian-Chinese exercise Maritime Cooperation 2021, which is taking place from October 14 to 17."

"After receiving a warning, the destroyer Chafee, instead of changing course to leave the closed area, raised coloring flags indicating preparation for takeoff from the helicopter deck, which means it is impossible to change course and speed, and took action to violate the Russian Federation state border in the Peter the Great Bay," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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It is emphasized that, acting within the framework of international rules of navigation, the ship "Admiral Tributs" took a course to dislodge the intruder from Russian territorial waters.

"Chafee, convinced of the determination of the Russian ship's crew not to allow the violation of the state border, changed direction and at 17:50 turned back on course when less than 60 meters remained to the BPC "Admiral Tributs". Actions of the crew of US Navy destroyer Chafee blatantly violated international rules of prevention of collision of ships at sea and the Russian-American intergovernmental agreement on prevention of incidents on the high seas and in the air space above it of 1972," added in the Russian military department.

It is noted that the destroyer Admiral Tributs continues carrying out tasks in the waters of the Sea of Japan.


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