U.S. weapons causing Russia "headaches" named

TASS military observer Dmitry Litovkin states that the US is capable to send up to 6,000 high-precision subsonic Tomahawk cruise missiles with conventional and nuclear warheads to the targets in a single salvo. The author describes this circumstance as causing an ongoing headache for Russia.

"Reflecting such an attack does not seem realistic yet," the author notes.

The observer reminds that US possesses around 70 destroyers of Arleigh Burke type, armed with Tomahawk missiles. "They ply the seas and oceans, constantly near Russian borders, including the Black Sea. This makes Prompt Global Strike our never-ending headache - they could strike at any moment," the author writes.

However, Litovkin notes that the US Tomahawk missiles in Syria "were approaching their targets from behind, as they say, bypassing Russian anti-aircraft missile systems," since "otherwise only few would have been able to reach their targets.

The observer supposes that Russian S-500 "Prometheus" system may turn out to be "another confirmation of technological breakthrough" in the ability to prevent a massive missile strike by non-nuclear means. "The scale of the issue is clear - the possibility of a massive missile strike by non-nuclear means hangs over us like a sword of Damocles," the author writes.

In October, TASS, citing a source, reported that the first S-500 Prometey brigade set has been supplied to the troops of the 15th Special Purpose Army of the Russian Air and Space Forces (AKS), which is on combat duty to protect and defend the airspace above Moscow.


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