Ukraine Will Give Up Soviet Machine Guns

The National Guard of Ukraine will give up Soviet rifles and submachine guns. The UAR-15 semi-automatic rifle will replace the Kalashnikov assault rifles.

According to the deputy director of the department of material and technical support of the Main Directorate of the National Guard, the rearmament of troops continues. He stressed that the new weapons were received by special-purpose units.

Kalashnikov automatic rifles will be replaced by the UAR-15 semi-automatic rifles in 5.56 mm caliber and the Dragunov sniper rifles (SVD) will give way to the UAR-10 rifles. The UAR-15 is a copy of the American AR-15 semi-automatic rifle adopted for service in 1958.

In September, Ukroboronprom reported that the country's defense industry enterprises lacked more than 3,000 components from Russia.


In December 2019, it became known about tests of the Russian version of the AR-15 on the resource. The ORSIS development uses 7.62 caliber 39 millimeter ammunition. The rifle retained the declared parameters after 17 thousand rounds.


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