Unexpected and strange - scientists proved that the universe is similar to the human brain

More and more news is coming out that warming is happening not only on our planet, but throughout the universe. This sounds incredible, but it is even harder to believe that the world is structured like the human brain. 


The degree rises. 

The Astrophysical Journal recently published a sensational article. It talks about a study that shows that the temperature of the universe has risen significantly over the past few billion years. Moreover, it is proved that the Universe has defects.


According to the accepted "Big Bang" theory, the universe, on the contrary, was cooling down. This allowed atoms and then large structures to form. How could it heat up if it originally cooled down?  


To understand this for sure, scientists measured the temperature of interstellar gas. During evolution, the gas, together with dark matter, gathered under the gravitational force. Small irregularities in the original density led to a kind of structure. It resembles a giant network of cosmic filaments, which consist of galactic clusters. It is in these clusters that gas heats up. This process can be tracked and understand how the temperature of the universe gradually changed. 


This work was done by specialists from several universities, analyzing data from two telescopes. It became clear that the temperature of the universe has indeed increased.  


What the threat might be. 

It is not yet clear. Most likely, earthlings have nothing to worry about. The temperature of the interstellar gas is rising. It is so rarefied that, by and large, it is a void and can hardly pose any threat. However, research is ongoing, and scientists do not rule out the negative impact of this process on the entire universe.  


The Universe is the Brain 

It turns out that the large-scale model of the universe with galactic filaments strongly resembles the structure of the brain and networks of neurons. Some fragments of the Universe are similar to the human cerebellum and fragments of the large hemispheres. They are systems of very different scales, but the structural elements in them are distributed in a similar way. 

Analysis by scientists has shown that the distribution of matter in the web of galaxies resembles the structure of the brain. With a similar average number of connections, tendency to cluster and otherwise, astrophysicists and neuroscientists have concluded that very different physical processes, which occur on completely incomparable scales, can lead to systems with similar complexity and organization.  


This is an initial study. It is expected to help create new techniques in both cosmology and surgery. 


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