Unknown but great anime worth watching. Part 1


Genre: Mystery, adventure, thriller, action, superpowers Director: Kandi Nakamura Studio: Tatsunoko Production Plot: In a time in which everything can be bought for money, things are about to get rough for some people. The lack of money in our world pushes people into a world that is separate from, but very much influential on, reality. The financial quarter is what they call it. People there make money from their assets, but assets are their future. If the asset disappears, their future disappears. Soichiro Mikuni believes that money is a way to unite the world. But our economics student Kimimaro Yoga has a different view. It's a strange thing, money, from different points of view. So what is money after all? Something more? Or something less?

Heroes of the Six Colours

Genre: Detective, drama, mysticism, adventure, romance, fantasy, demons, magic Director: Takahashi Takeo Studio: Passione Plot: When Magin, the goddess of evil, awakens, the goddess of destiny chooses six warriors and empowers them to save the world. A flower-shaped pattern appears on the body of the chosen ones, so they are called the six-flower heroes. The day of the rebirth of the god of evil is approaching and Adlet Meyer, who calls himself the strongest man on Earth, has been chosen to defy the darkness. But when he arrives at the meeting place of the heroes, he suddenly discovers that there are seven of them. This means that one of them is an imposter and an enemy.


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