Chapter one




If I had know that this is definitely how school life experience is, I would have sit back at home forgoing the idea of furthering my education. I don’t know if this is how it’s in other higher institution, because the stressed I have gone through just one week of resumption is almost draining the last energy in me. “omoh, this school is frustrating my life.


“Frustrating your life?”


 I got led back from my thinking because of what I heard, and didn’t know I have said it out. I smiled at the girl friendly and hold on tight to the shuttle handstand. 


“You are new student, right?” She asked and I pretended not to hear, because I wasn’t in the right mood to have conversations with anyone. Not even now that I’m exhausted.


The bus entered potholes making everyone lamenting. I got pushed in-between the standing passengers that I almost screamed out my lungs from getting choked. I felt like crying, but the joy of alighting soon overshadowed it. Some minutes to where I will stop the driver, only God knows the human being that’s inside the bus with us that formulated the whole atmosphere with his or her fart.


“Haa! I don d.ie!” I mumbled covering my nose.


“Na wa ooo” 


“Who left his or her manners at home without taking it. Ha, this is too much na.


“When they tell you people to be eating healthy food, you will not. En, it’s poor masses like us you will be kil.lling with your rotten digested food.


“Fuuuuunnnn! It’s God that will punish that person ooo 


“God bless you jare my dear sister. It’s God that will punish the person “ I answered within me looking outside anxiously.


“See how everywhere smells as if there’s de.ad lizard in the bus. Please, please and please whomever it may be. Always take two spoonful of Alomo bitter to flush your system before leaving home, because this is not palatable at all.


“Or the person should be taking Agbo Jedi (bitter herbs when intake of sweet things are much)


I look at the guy that spoke and laugh along with some passengers in unison. 


Five minutes later I came down from the bus and became relief due to the fresh air inhaling. I have gone through stress since morning, going from one class to another and it won’t be nice for me to go back to my hostel angrily because of the mannerless person that polluted the bus. I entered motorcycle and headed to my hostel. I have been expecting my roommates I was told would resume to school this week that haven’t showed up. I don’t know why some students don’t take their studies serious. Or they might be overlooking the school activity to be unserious one. 


Even though the school doings are stressful, but the lecturer’s shouldn’t be taking not serious. I hope they comes soon. I alighted from the bike and walked to my door.


“Sarah, you’re back.


My next door neighbor said and I responded saying if I am not then would she have seen me to ask. She laughed at me and I  then ask what happened.


“I think your roomie is around.


“My roomie? Where is she?” I asked, excitedly.


“I think inside your room. She came not quite long.


“Wait…wait” I stopped her, not really sure I heard her well. “you said she’s in where?


“Your room na” She stretches her head towards my door and saw my door locked.


She look at me and I also looked back. Our eyes definitely looked questionable.


“So???” I interrupted the few silence.


“Maybe she has gone out.


“Gone out when I locked my room before going. I think you’re dreaming, or you don’t really know whose roommate you saw.


“I am serious, Sarah. She truly came, carrying bags and cylinder.


“My roomie does not have extra key with her. I’m the only one with my padlock keys for now. So what are you blabbering??


“I think you should wait and see for yourself when she returns.


“Of course yes, I will wait.” I opened the door and entered with her behind me.


“You see…”


“Haa ha, what are these??” I asked looking at her in shocked.


“Didn’t I tell you that she’s back.


“But….but how, like how “ I dropped my bag looking around surprisingly.


“So you two haven’t spoke?


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“We have, but she didn’t tell me she was coming. And moreover, we have not met to the extent of giving her key. 


“Then how did she enter?” She asked looking at me for response.


Tchi tchi tchi tchi tchi tchi tchi


“What is that noise? “ She asked again.


“It is not from here, it might be from outside.


“Because it hisses like snakes.” She said, peeping around every corner of my room and I laughed.


“You better get yourself out of my room before spitting rubbish. You think you can get me scared because of it.” I laughed out loud.


I couldn't imagine myself laughing out from my dream. I sat up on my bed immediately and rub my face, then look around me to be sure of where I am. 


“Will I say I’m out of my mind or what exactly just happened? I mean…so I have been dreaming. 


I wasn’t so sure of the dream because I could remember I came home and met my neighbor I saw in the dream. I think I have really missed my roommates to have even dreamt about one of them coming. “eh God ooo have mercy on me. I think this sleeping alone is now affecting me. Definitely, one of them will come tomorrow.


To be continued.


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