Unreal Reality: the 10 Most Surreal Places on the Planet

1. Kuang Si Waterfall (Laos) 

Lovers of contemplating the water element from the first photos fall in love with the wondrous beauty of the Kuang Si waterfall. This charming creation of nature is located in the province of Luang Prabang, in Laos. The waterfall has four cascades, the height of the largest of which reaches 54 meters! To admire the beauty of the bubbling streams of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, you will have to make a long trip to the Tam Quang Si National Reserve. 


2. Firefly Cave (New Zealand) 

Fireflies are one of the most amazing creatures of the insect kingdom. This is what an original nature is, if it creates glowing living organisms! You can admire the lights of these crumbs in the Waitomo cave, located on the territory of New Zealand. 


3. Zhangjiajie Park (China) 

There are many amazing sights in China, both man-made and created by Mother Nature herself. Among the latter, it is impossible not to mention the delightful Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is located in Hunan Province. In this park you can see many rare specimens of flora and fauna, but it is not flowers and animals that attract tourists and photographers here in the first place. The main uniqueness of the park is in its amazing rocky formations. If you love mountains, you will be delighted by the sight of these amazing rocky pillars stretching high into the sky. Shrouded in thick fogs, the Zhangjiajie Mountains look like illustrations for fantasy books. Sometimes, because of the thick clouds of haze, it feels like mountains are floating in the sky. By the way, it was the Zhangjiajie Mountains that became the inspiration for creating unique landscapes in the cult film Avatar. 


4. Marble caves (Patagonia) 

Patagonia in the past was considered the edge of the earth - a place beyond which there was nothing else. Over time, this myth has been dispelled. However, this corner of the planet still attracts many tourists who are eager to see something fabulous and out of this world. If you ever happen to visit Patagonia, be sure to visit the amazing beauty of the caves, nicknamed marble. The gently turquoise waters look amazing surrounded by grottoes, the walls of which are decorated with intricate streaks. 


5. Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) 

The lake is located on the island of Yuzhny and is considered one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. In addition to the magnificent water surface and spectacular hills, the attention is also attracted by the fabulously beautiful fields of lupines, which bring all shades of lilac and purple to the green-blue landscape. 


6. Underwater city of Shichen (China) 

Our selection presents exclusively natural beauties that have not been touched by the human hand. However, I decided to diversify the selection with such a miracle of the world. Sunken cities are amazing places, at the sight of which you think about the corruptibility of human existence and that nature (which we are so pathetically eager to save, as if man really is the king of all things) will always find a way to put people in their place, taking what rightfully belongs to her. 


7. Lake Natron (Africa) 

Africa is beautiful, but at the same time Africa is deadly and the fascinating Lake Natron is a clear proof of this. Its blood-red waters give life to some, and bring death to others. Due to the high content of minerals and salts, animals trapped in the waters of the lake can turn into mummies alive. Truly, a devastatingly beautiful place. 


8. 2 Gispland Lakes (Australia) 

Have you ever seen water glow in the night? This amazing sight is created thanks to the baby nochstvets - tiny aquatic inhabitants who turn on something like an alarm when they come into contact with any object. A similar phenomenon can be seen in the waters of the Black Sea. But, unfortunately, the Black Sea plankton does not particularly illuminate the twilight of the night. Is that the case – the shimmering lakes of Gispland! Their dark waters emit a magical blue glow at night. 


9. Pavement of Giants (Northern Ireland) 

The beauties of Ireland are innumerable, but personally I was most impressed by the amazing basalt pillars, which received poetic names: pavement of giants and the road of giants. It's hard to believe that these intricate stones were not carved by human hands, but by nature! 


10. The Great Prismatic Spring (USA) 

Those of you who like to read about the natural beauties of the world have probably heard more than once about the Yellowstone Nature Reserve, located in Wyoming, USA. People have been saving up their savings for years to visit Yellowstone at least once, because there are no numbers of its attractions and they all captivate the eyes of the traveler. Among the natural masterpieces of the reserve, a Large prismatic Spring is worth special attention – the largest in the States and the third largest on the planet. The source enchants with its bright colors created by the vital activity of bacteria. Looking at this picturesque picture, it is as if you are transported in your thoughts to other planets outside the Solar system.    


All these corners will give you the most unforgettable travel experiences. Each of these places is worthy of being included in the "I have to go there" list, which all avid tourists have. May life give you the opportunity to see these beauties firsthand!


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